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The Hotlanta Volleyball Association (HVA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote goodwill, understanding, and fellowship within Atlanta's LGBTQ community through the sport of volleyball. HVA sponsors many activities throughout the year including athletic leagues, tournaments, socials, and fund-raising events. We encourage all interested individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, to participate in HVA and its sponsored activities.

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Jul 29 9:48 PM
HVA Board Notice of Open Play Cancelation for Friday July 30th.

The Hotlanta Volleyball Association Board has met and is still reevaluating our return to play protocols. In light of the new masking mandate from the City of Atlanta the board has decided to cancel open play for Friday July 30th.

This decision has not been taken lightly or with haste by our board and we want to be as transparent as possible to help all of our members understand we are trying to find a way to play in the safest environment possible. After much discussion we are suspending play tomorrow due to the extreme heat conditions forecasted and the concerns of adding masking would make to the health and safety of those participating.

As we indicated in our communications on Tuesday, we are continuing to closely monitor the rise of new COVID-19 infections in Georgia and in the Metro area. It is our belief that a substancial number of our members have received their full vaccination schedule based upon our viewing of cards and the promotion we ran.

The board will meet again this weekend to make a decision as to the future events we have scheduled and will notify everyone promptly if we proceed with the suspension of play. We will likely need to adjust our return to play protocols to be compliant with local and state requirements and those will be announced shortly as well.

As always the board is here to answer your questions and open to any feedback from our members. We appreciate your patience as we proceed with the coming weeks and hope to swiftly return to the courts soon.

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