SUNDAY 7v7 OPEN: Spring 2024

Match Dates Mar 24 - Jun 5, 2024
Registration Ends Mar 30 1:00 AM
Team Registration
Starting at $1450.00 / team

All Dates are subject to change due to weather, permits, and scheduling conflicts

Sunday: $1450 per team / $150 individual

Season Details

  • 45 Minute Games / 22 Minute halves
  • Roster Minimum 7
  • Roster Maximum 12
  • Minimum of 8 league games + playoff/finals top 4 teams.

FIELDS: Primarily East 6th St, PIER 40, Tanahey and NIKE FIELD

  • Games may kickoff between 5pm-11pm
  • Games primarily kickoff between 8pm and 10:30pm
  • There are no Gender restrictions or requirements for MENS divisions these divisions are OPEN to all players
  • Projected Start: Late March-Early April TBA

PLEASE NOTE: ​Team fees do not include League Shirts.

  • Teams must provide their own Jerseys or Team Shirts with Numbers. (all players on a team must wear the exact same color/shade).
  • W​e can suggest a local vendor where they may order shirts (or choose their own provider)
    ​- Due to increasing issues with supply, and increased concerns about contributing to textile waste, we are going this route in lieu of fully raising league fees.

Refund Policy
Once a player or team has registered / paid to play in the league, there are NO REFUNDS, unless requested divisions are full and we are unable to place a team in the division they choose. If we are able to find a team to take the place of a TEAM who would like to drop we will refund the original TEAM minus a $150 admin fee pre-season or $200 if the season is already underway.

Registration Ends Mar 30 1:00 AM
Team Registration
Starting at $1450.00 / team
New York, NY