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Past Event💛 04/05 CBP 3.0+ TOURNAMENT DRILLS with GEOFF 2:30pm - 4:30pm

May 4 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM (AEST)  •  Pickleball •  Public Event
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Jay McLean
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May 4 2:30 PM

** PARKING: There are a few options around Carlton Baths: 4hr parking at Lee Street and Kay Street, 2hr parking at David Street and Neill Street, as well as 1hr-2hr parking along Rathdown Street.

Pickleball FUN Community (PFC) & Carlton Baths Pickleball (CBP) DUPR 3.0+ TOURNAMENT DRILLS Session offers fundamental Pickleball Strategies and Drills for 2hrs to give you the foundations and take your pickleball game to the optimum level.

Run by Geoff Forbes, a current certified Level 1 - Pickleball Development Coach. This DUPR 3.0+ DRILLS session will cater to tournament DOUBLES and SINGLES strategies and drills. We laser focus on the "WHW" SCOREBOARD = WHY, HOW & WHERE for each major DRILLS Mastery!!

** VERY IMPORTANT: "The best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile." ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi **

** Here’s what some of our Pickleball FUN Superstars had to say…

"My wife and I were visiting from the USA, where we play pickleball almost every day, and we luckily found Jay and his sessions. He was incredibly welcoming to us outsiders and made the session work smoothly with a variety of experience levels. We learned some new drills that we’ve started using as warm-ups since. Much of the session was simply fun matches. They were good competition and filled with laughter—as pickleball should be. I’d recommend this for those looking to enter the sport as well as for more experienced players looking to get some good games in and glean something new. Thanks, Jay!" ~ Josh C.

"Great clinic for increasing skills, gameplay strategy and different shots. Being able to apply them in drills and then in real match play straight after was awesome! Will definitely be back." ~ Sam D.

"This session was an eye-opener. So great to get an in-depth understanding and the techniques involved. The drills were great at helping to control the ball and being able to strategically place the hit. Definitely worth doing for that one-on-one coaching and learning the positioning on the court." ~ Sonal R.

“Invaluable information and incredible strategies for pickleballers. Could add so much potential to anyone’s game and take it to the next level.” ~ Loz R.

“The Strategies and Drills class for Beginners/Inters goes beyond repetitive drills exercises. Bringing more of a coaching style. Jay teaches practical exercises to strengthen skills, but also provides clear explanation of the reasoning behind WHY our positioning, awareness and reactions on court are so important, and demonstrates tactical play responses. Excellent value for money. Looking forward to his next level of training.” ~ Laurel H.

"A great session run by Jay to learn more about the strategy of Pickleball and skills to use in regular play. Was great to learn about return of serve play and dink play amongst many other skills Jay runs through. Look forward to the advanced session to learn some more." ~ Susy M.

"Great session with Jay, covering the drills to sharpen basic skills, then strategies which seem obvious when explained and very helpful when executed. Looking forward to the next session." ~ Craig R.

"Jay’s a great coach and if you are looking to level up your game, this session is for you! Good strategies and take away drills to work on." ~ Andrew N.

“I am totally addicted to Pickleball but I lack game strategy. What a gift to have Jay his knowledge and insights to this complex game. I learnt it is not about outright winners, but rather controlling the game. I am determined to learn how to dink in a game. Thanks so much Jay.” ~ Natalie G.

""Great session focussing on skills and strategies. Jay is an awesome coach and makes the drills both fun and effective." ~ Victoria D.

“Very valuable training especially if you are new to Pickleball. It was fun and enjoyable and learnt heaps. Jay’s a great guy and an awesome coach.” ~ Ken T.

"Thanks Jay for an awesome drills session. Your explanation on why we should finesse certain techniques really made sense and the fast tempo of the session, and laughs was great! I’ll be back!!!!" ~ Samantha D.



When playing Pickleball, as with any sport and physical activity, there is always a risk of injury. Therefore, we all must take responsibility for our safety and take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries.

👍 To ensure that everyone is having awesome fun and staying safe with the game, we would like to remind all members of the following safety measures during each pickleball coaching and social session:

✅ 1. DO PROPER WARM-UP ACTIVATION EXERCISES BEFORE YOUR SESSION: Warm-up activation exercises are very important to prepare your key muscles for the game and prevent injuries. NOTE: We have a list of activation exercises designed for pickleball which you can get from the session host.

✅ 2. PLAY WITHING YOUR LIMITS: Do not push yourself beyond your limits. Know your capabilities and play accordingly.

✅ 3. DRINK CONSISTENTLY THROUGHOUT YOUR SESSION: Staying hydrated is important to prevent cramps and other injuries.

✅ 4. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Always look out for other players, spectators, and potential hazards on and near the court.

✅ 5. WEAR PROPER INDOOR COURT SHOES: This will provide adequate support, grip and again prevent any unnecessary injuries.

✅ 6. DO NOT PEDAL BACKWARDS TO RETRIEVE BALLS: Avoid running backwards to retrieve balls as this can cause injuries. Instead, turn around and run forward to retrieve the ball.

✅ 7. LET SOME CHALLENGING SHOTS GO: It's certainly okay to give up a point to avoid injury.

By following these 7 key safety measures, we can all have fun playing pickleball safely and reduce the risk of injuries. 🤗 We all must look out for each other and create a safe and fun environment for everyone. 🥰

** PARKING: There are a few options around Carlton Baths: 4hr parking at Lee Street and Kay Street, 2hr parking at David Street and Neill Street, as well as 1hr-2hr parking along Rathdown Street.

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