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Past EventALL LEVELS || Sand pick up @ Temple

August 30, 2018 6:30 PM-9:00 PM (EDT)  •  Volleyball •  Public Event
Mariana Bonfim
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All Skill Levels
Aug 30 6:30 PM
Volleyball pick up (sand). ALL LEVELS are welcome, but most attendees are usually intermediate. We are already a very diverse and chill group that are just looking to have some summer fun! Any questions? Send me or Craig Eckstein (co-host) a direct message .

Some details:
- Teams min of 3 max of 6.
- Winners stay in the court for an additional game and then we rotate
- Sets are of 25, win by 2. (We will only cap at 28 if there is more than 2 teams outside waiting)
- Rules are very flexible, and we will follow basic volleyball scoring rules. But teams can come into an agreement of which combination of rules to follow (beach and indoors) prior to the game. In general we don't call: carry (unless is horrendously catching and throwing!), set in reception, set pass in second touch. We will always call: net, stepping on or across the service line, spiking serve in front of the 10 ft line.
- Music is welcome, bring your best Vb playlist if you can

NOTE: Please, if you are advanced level and don't feel comfortable with several vb levels, I don't recommend joining this group. We love to be challenged and learn with more experienced players. but we don't want to create a frustrating environment for those that are still starting!
10 going, 5 spots left
1484 W Norris St

1484 W Norris St, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA