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Past Event❗️INVITE ONLY - A+/AA Grass Doubles❗️

May 24 5:00 PM-7:00 PM (EDT)  •  Grass Volleyball •  Public Event
Jonas Ventimiglia
5/5 (19 reviews)
May 24 5:00 PM

👥 This event is INVITE ONLY intended for A+/AA level outdoor grass players or better. Open level players feel free to reach out (before you register) to attend the event, otherwise, please attend other events first!

Upper level A players and those who have already attended several BB-A events should reach out to Jonas or Erica PRIOR to registering. If you register prior to reaching out your ticket to the event will be canceled.

🅰️🅰️ players are extremely competitive players. These players are former athletes from D1 or D2 schools.

IMPORTANT friendly reminders:

1. This is an INVITE only event - you must reach out before registering for the event.
2. Be on time!!! If you’re going to be too late to help set-up nets, please let the people attending the event know when to expect you.
3. Help put up or take down nets.
4. BYOB (ball and/or booze)
5. Message Jonas or Erica if you need to cancel within 24 hours of the event
6. Practice good sportsmanship and don’t be an ass.

If you stop getting invites or have your registration canceled, it’s because either:

A. You did not play at the event's skill level.
B. You broke one of the rules above.


We have two annual membership plans, one $10 plan which saves $1 on your ticket, and a second $15 plan that saves $1 on your ticket and $1 for every guest ticket. Visit the group link under this event's title, then visit the membership tab.

See ya - Don’t be late!
19 going, 1 spot left

Refund Deadline: May 23, 2022 5:00 PM (EDT)

Dairy Field 1

3800 Mt Pleasant Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA