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Past EventSATURDAY Morning Shinny @ Waymer Park, Huntersville

September 19, 2020 9:00 AM-11:00 AM (EDT)  •  Ball Hockey •  Public Event
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Sep 19 9:00 AM
FREE pick-up street hockey games hosted by the CSHL and held at the tennis court in Waymer Park, 14200 Holbrooks Rd, Huntersville NC 28078.

In order to comply with state and local policies in regard to COVID-19, and to provide a safe environment for our players, we have implemented various safety protocols. If you refuse to follow any or all of these procedures, you will not be permitted to play and will be asked to leave the park.

* All players MUST sign a COVID-19 oriented waiver in order to play (provided at the court). You will not have to sign this waiver every time you play as we will keep these on file for future reference. If you do not sign this waiver you will not be permitted to play. No exceptions!
* A league member will check the body temperature of every participant before playing and entering the playing area (tennis court). Players’ temperatures MUST be below 100 degrees to be permitted to play.
* All Players MUST wash their hands using the hand sanitizer provided by CSHL before entering the playing area each time.
* There are Four to Five (4-5) designated social distancing areas provided (marked by red Xs on the Waymer Park image posted on the CSHL Opensports landing page). Four to Five (4-5) players can social distance in those marked areas. Even if you are not in the designated areas, you are REQUIRED to social distance outside the playing area (tennis court).
* Face masks are not required while playing, however, wearing masks outside the playing area is highly recommended and encouraged.
* Gloves are now mandatory equipment! This is both for COVID and physical safety. They can be hockey/lacrosse style, work gloves, etc.
* CSHL Volunteers will clean/disinfect all areas that have been touched by players outside the playing area.

A copy of the required protocols will be posted on the outside of the court as well as posted on this page.

An example copy of the waiver will be posted on the CSHL Opensports landing page.

We also ask that you use the same common sense that everyone has since March in regards to limiting the spread of COVID-19. This includes, but not limited to, if you are sick or have symptoms typical of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days DO NOT SIGN UP TO PLAY. Please do not share equipment, water bottles, etc. Please keep your fellow league members safety in mind.

And as always...bring your white and dark shirts!!
20 going, 5 spots left
14200 Holbrooks Rd

14200 Holbrooks Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078, USA