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Past EventSaturday PM Early Badminton Session, 6PM to 8PM

May 18, 2019 6:00 PM-8:00 PM (EDT)  •  Badminton •  Public Event
Pitt Badmintor
5/5 (42 reviews)
All Skill Levels
May 18 6:00 PM
Number of Courts & Player Limit –
6 courts have been reserved for 2 hours. Limiting this event to 34 players (strictly enforced). We won’t allow waitlist or walk-in players if all confirmed attendees come in. Walk-in at your own risk!

Facility Entry fee –
Non-members: $8.00 per session (pay at the entrance).
Cool Springs members: Can enter for free. (If interested, membership is $29/month & gives other benefits as well - enquire at front-desk or check out playcoolsprings.com/membership).

Feather birdies – Aeroplane EG1130 Black Label shuttlecocks. We are charging $2.40 per player for this session. You’ll pre-pay this fee to reserve a spot by using a credit/debit card tagged to your profile ($0.40 is the processing fee charged by the app for automating this process for us).

Guests allowed per player – Removing the ability to add guests since everyone is now familiar with this app.

Please message us if you have any questions/issues.

- Bharath & Dinesh
12 going, 22 spots left

Refund Deadline: May 18, 2019 4:00 PM (EDT)

Cool Springs Sports Complex

3001 Cool Springs Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15234, USA