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Past EventSession 2 Mountain Creek (MCHS)- Sat 10.15am to 12.15pm - ROUND ROBIN FORMAT - ADVANCED PLAYERS only .

Oct 8 10:15 AM-12:15 PM (AEST)  •  Pickleball •  Public Event
Sunshine Coast Pickleball Club
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Oct 8 10:15 AM

This game is for Intermediate to Advanced Players. All Beginners or Advanced Beginners are welcome at our first session for the day at 8.00 am. To work out which session to go to please see grading desciptions below:

BEGINNER - you have played before or have done our come and try session, you can hit a ball over the net and sustain a short rally, you know where the kitchen is, but you are still a bit scratchy on the rules.

ADVANCED BEGINNER - you can sustain longer rallies but not at a fast pace - makes most easy shots including backhands, but still needs work - able to approach the non volley zone and hit volleys - aware of dinks - has a good understanding of the rules - struggles to cover the entire court.

INTERMEDIATE - you can hit drives, serves, and returns with pace (including developing backhand shots), as well as dinks and drop shots, and are developing some consistency and control (including consistently hitting serves and returns in play); and (ii) you understand the basic strategy and rules of pickleball, you are starting to vary your shots between the hard and soft game, and you are moving quickly to the Non-Volley Zone line when you have the opportunity.

ADVANCED - you can generally hit both forehand and backhand drives, serves, and returns with pace, as well as dinks, drop shots, and volleys (including block volleys) of different speeds, and have consistency and control; and (ii) you understand the strategy and rules of pickleball (including stacking), you have a moderate number of unforced errors, and you understand how to attack your opponents’ weaknesses on the pickleball court.
Pls note - Mountain Creek State HIGH School. (Not the State School across the road). Park your car near pool, walk thru boomgate, you will find us in the building on the left, just listen for the pickleballs!

$15 for a two hour session
$10 for Sunshine Coast Pickleball Club members
If you are a not a member of Sunshine Coast Pickleball Club, you are welcome to join our Club, and save money each session! Please use this link to join - https://www.revolutionise.com.au/pickleballqld/registration/. $60 per annum (not calendar year) $50 for seniors and juniors. TO RECEIVE THE MEMBERS DISCOUNT, PLEASE USE OPENSPORTS CHAT TO LET US KNOW THAT YOU HAVE JOINED.

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Cancellation Deadline: October 7, 2022 10:15 AM (AEST)

Cancellations before the deadline will give you a full refund. Cancellations after the deadline are not refundable.

Mountain Creek State High School

Lady Musgrave Dr, Mountain Creek QLD 4557, Australia