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Past EventTSC FUTSAL SOCCER $13 for 2 hours

Mar 18 7:15 PM-9:35 PM (EDT)  •  Soccer •  Public Event
Gonçalo Calças
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Mar 18 7:15 PM
All levels welcome:

- 2 hours of FUTSAL
- 4 Teams of 4 v 4 (2hrs game)
-7 minutes or two goals then we swap teams. Winner stays on for 3 games max. (Where applicable)
-75 Carl hall (The hangar- follow the sign to Hoop Dome. The cages will be right besides the hockey rink )
-Hockey Nets...NO Keepers
-Jerseys: Bring one WHITE, one BLACK and One RED. You may not play if you don't bring all 3 colors.

-Pay through the app = $13
-Pay with email transfer=14 ( contact Admin)
-Cash = $14 (Exact change only but you must contact Admin first)

-Refund: You will only get refund if this event is canceled by TSC or if you cancel 24 hrs before kick-off. The game will go on no matter the weather conditions unless you get a cancellation notification from TSC.

-No shows: You will still be required to pay for your spot if you do not show up.

---------- RULES OF THE GAME ----------

1. If the ball lands and stays on top of the net, the ball is awarded to the defending team and the attacking team has to give sufficient space to play the ball out. Attacking team can never play a ball that is on the net. If the ball lands over the net but rolls back onto the court, it is play-on for both teams.

2. After scoring a goal, play shall not be restarted until all members of the scoring team have returned to their own half

3. No slidetackles (should be obvious). Attacking team gets the ball back in their half.

4. If a player has possession of the ball in one of the corners of the court (up against the walls), opposition players must not challenge for the ball and must give sufficient space for the player in possession to release the ball from the corner.

Let's play safe and have some fun.

16 going, 1 spot left

Refund Deadline: March 18, 2019 7:15 AM (EDT)

75 Carl Hall Road

75 Carl Hall Rd, North York, ON M3K, Canada