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Past EventWed | Upper BB - A | Grass Dubs

Jun 19 5:30 PM - 8:15 PM (EDT)  •  Grass Volleyball •  Public Event
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Jeremy Snyder
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Jun 19 5:30 PM

Welcome back to your favorite cow themed field. Right now we're setting up at the top of the hill with two additional nets down by the unused softball field.

Grass Doubles

👥 Intended for Upper 🅱️🅱️ and 🅰️ players. Players are expected to have experience playing doubles, and be familiar with outdoor rules. If you haven't been to one of these before, make sure you check the skill level descriptions at the bottom

General Notes

  1. We only have so much sunlight so try to be on time
  2. Help put up and take down nets.
  3. If you have a ball please bring it
  4. Courts are run by "Winner Choice" - The winner of the game has the choice to stay on their current court, play the winner of another court, or take a rest. You cannot stay on the same court for more than 2 games in a row. If you've won twice on your current court you must either play the winner of another court or sit. (if you continuously beat the winner on new courts you can potentially play with no break)
  5. This event is happening along side the Women's event, so women can swap back and forth with people from that event

🔞 Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


Games are rally to 21, switch on 7 (win by 2 cap 23)

If there are more than 3 nets, you can do sideout to 11 instead

Using ECV Outdoor rules:
-No let serves
-No open hand receives, except on hard-driven attacks (must have a continuous downward trajectory/no arc/not off the block)
-No openhand tips/directional blocking
-No sets/pushes over the net (doesn't matter if you're square of not)
-A player may cross under the net as long as they do not make contact with the net or interfere with the opponent's play
Full grass rules

We have two annual membership plans, one $10 plan which saves $2 on your ticket, and a second $15 plan that saves $1 on your ticket and $1 for every guest ticket. Visit group link under this event's title, then visit the membership tab. If you get a membership, it essentially makes all the outdoor events you attend $1 each for the whole year.


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Level Guidelines:
Full level guidelines can be found here
[Beginner --> B --> 🅱️🅱️ --> 🅰️--> AA --> Open]

"Beginner" players are playing recreational level volleyball. Most beginner player will have a very hard time playing doubles as they have not developed the skills necessary to keep rallies going.

"B" players are not beginners, but are still learning the game. They should have a basic understanding of the how to play doubles but are still inconsistent in their core skills. They can set their partner, but many of their sets may be technically doubles contacts, or may be limited to bump setting. Teams should be able to get 3 contacts on the ball, but many plays result in either rolling or bumping the ball.

🅱️🅱️ players are can execute all skills well (serving, receiving, setting, hitting) but vary in their consistency. They should be able to serve receive consistently and should have a strong understanding of defensive positioning and blocking calls. Hand sets should be clean (and you should have the ability to recognize double contacts.)

The core difference between Upper BB and Lower BB is the level of consistency and athleticism. Lower BB may have an understanding of how to play doubles, but are only executing on the core skills ~50-60% of the time and may be physically more limited. At the Upper BB you should be doing most skills well 70-80% of the time and have the athleticism to effectively cover the court and execute a large range of offensive tactics. Upper BB players would expect to finish towards the top of a regional sized BB tournament.

🅰️ players are above average competitive players. They have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play, and can consistently execute on all the core skills. When attacking they should be able to utilize a full range of offensive options. At this level doubles players may become more specialized as blockers/defenders.

"AA" players are superb athletes who execute their skills with the highest of power and efficiency. This is the last stop before becoming a "Pro" or "Open" player.

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Cancellation Deadline: June 19, 2024 1:30 PM (EDT)

If you cancel your ticket before the deadline, the full cost of your ticket will be issued to your Philadelphia Volleyball account credit.

Dairy Field 1

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