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Jul 8 7:00 PM-8:00 PM (CDT)  •  Nutrition •  Public Event
Emily Abarquez
All Skill Levels
Jul 8 7:00 PM
Jump on our weekly call to learn helpful, actionable tips that will take your nutrition game to the next level!

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: "what matters most when losing fat/weight - why most diets fail!"
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS: handouts of five great low-cal and protein-packed recipes - french toast, wrap, pb&j, pizza, ice cream

With so many different methodologies and trends in the nutrition space, Coach Emily will help bring clarity to key principles in nutrition, what works well for most people, and what could work for you depending on your goals and unique situation.

No fads or gimmicks! Each week we'll begin our first half by talking briefly about a nutrition topic, giving you actionable tips that you can put into practice in the following week, finishing up with time for Q&A. Our second half of this weekly group meeting will give YOU the floor for open accountability checks and your own questions about nutrition - share what you're working on, chat about what you've learned / would like to learn or try!

Examples of weekly topics: different methods of setting up a fat loss diet, how to diet without counting calories, what matters most when losing fat/weight, how much protein is needed for optimal health and muscle growth, practical ways to meal prep, quick and easy protein-packed recipes, food choice and amazing swaps/hacks that'll save you hundreds of calories, what is habit-based nutrition, what is intermittent fasting, do "macros" matter, how to learn your body's natural hunger and satiety cues, how to deal with emotional and binge eating, how to bust through stalls in progress.

Have any requests for future weekly topics? Feel free to shoot an email over to Coach Emily at erabarq@gmail.com

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See you soon, you awesome fitness nut!
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