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March 22, 2018 6:20 PM-8:30 PM (EDT)Β  β€’ Β Volleyball β€’ Β Public
Dan Elliott πŸ””πŸ
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Mar 22 6:20 PM
This event was intended for women-only with B/BB or better volleyball experience, but now it's a reverse coed event. One indoor court. 18 players max. You'll play two games then rest every third one. Cost is $4 to cover the money we donate to Shot Tower for hosting us and to have a reserve to play in new facilities.

6:20–6:30pm: Court setup and warm-ups (on the sidelines if the court is busy). Play begins at 6:30pm.

If the attendance is suffering, we will open reservations for reverse-coed play by announcement.

Only people with their name on the "Attendee List" of this event are eligible to play. If there is an issue, use the "Message Organizer" button below.
17 going, all spots filled
Shot Tower Playground

101-31 Carpenter St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA