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Past EventSat | BB-A | Grass Quads 🏐

May 21 10:30 AM-3:30 PM (EDT)  •  Grass Volleyball •  Public Event
Debbie Emmett
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May 21 10:30 AM
Event is contingent on weather forecast

‼Be kind to everyone! Some people are just sprouting into the BB level, some are knocking off winter rust, some have not played grass in a while, and some may just be having an off day or going through stuff you have no idea about. If you have concerns about a player, bring it to the host's attention. It is NOT your responsibility nor place to message the person directly. In other words, don't be a jerk and any concerns are to be brought to me, otherwise I reserve the right to bar you from any of my future events.‼

❗Please be considerate, if you cannot attend then cancel your ticket. I reserve the right to cancel tickets for future events if you no show twice. It is fine to show up late to my grass events, but showing up significantly late without posting in the event chat or messaging me directly to make me aware will also count as a no show.❗

You must be familiar with general grass doubles/quads rules. This event follows most of the current AVP grass rules.
Outdoor grass rules are in effect
-No let serves
-No open hand receives
-No open hand tips
-No two hand sets/pushes over the net

This is a Pick-Up style event. Just bring yourself, no need to come with a team.

👥 Intended for 🅱️🅱️ players or better.


We have two annual membership plans, one $11 plan which saves $1 on your ticket, and a second $15 plan that saves $1 on your ticket and $1 for every guest ticket. Visit group link under this event's title, then visit the membership tab.


RANKING SYSTEM (low to high):
Beginner ↗️ B ↗️ BB ↗️ A ↗️ AA ↗️

⬇️BB (lower-BB) and ⬆️BB (upper-BB) refers to how consistent you are at passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging and serving. ⬆️BB is 80% consistent at every skill point for your physical characteristics. Must know how to run a 5-1, 6-2 and needlessly, a 4-2. This is mandatory.

🅰️ players are above average competitive players. These individuals may possess the skills needed to play professionally. They have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play, and use advanced strategies to be successful. Level A players are typically in excellent physical condition and are able to compete at a high level. These players are former club and/or college athletes, and are extremely competitive.
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26 going, 14 spots left

Refund Deadline: May 20, 2022 10:30 AM (EDT)

Dairy Field

3800 Mt Pleasant Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA