Debbie Emmett
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Mid BB (indoor) volleyball, looking to improve.
Back after 7 months off due to injuries.
BB Indoor Volleyball
Mid BB- borderline ⬆️BB player (for sixes). Passing = ⬆️BB, setting = ⬇️BB, serving = ⬇️BB, hitting = ⬆️BB. I am continually trying to improve my skills and aspire to become a solid ⬆️BB player.

Updated 2 years ago

Intermediate Softball
Getting back into playing, was proficient in high school.

Updated 5 years ago

B Beach Volleyball
High B. I'm slower than slow on sand, but I'm enthusiastic and have (mostly) serviceable to solid skills. Ready to dive and have fun.

Updated 3 years ago

BB Grass Volleyball
Low BB. Not as steady/quick on my feet as indoor. Quads defensive positioning is iffy but improving. Doubles ability is barely existent but trying to work on it. 🤣 Ready to dive and have fun.

Updated 2 years ago

Beginner Wallyball
I'm looking to play wallyball with others.

Updated 4 years ago