Make Your Sports/Fitness Organization’s Waiver Electronic

A Sports Organizer’s Dream: Collect RSVPs, Payments, and Waivers Electronically in One Easy Step

OpenSports (web+app) has support for waivers!!

We have finally solved two things I can’t stand as a pickup sports organizer: Chasing people for money at an actual game, and collecting waivers from everybody while trying to manually track who has signed them.

Through your OpenSports Group, it is super easy to collect electronic waivers from every player who joins your events.

Quick Setup, Minimal Maintenance

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash
  1. Once you have created a group, hit Settings →Waiver.

2. Copy and paste the text of your waiver in the text box.

3. Click Save.

The next time a player joins one of your events that you post within your group, they have to click Accept and Join.


Note: If you Edit your waiver, everyone has to accept and join again, the next time they join one of your games.

Here’s examples of what a player will see when they try to join an event that belongs to a group with a waiver:

Waiver when someone joins your event through on web.
Waiver when someone joins your event through in app.

Important: The only caveat is if a player adds a guest who does not have an OpenSports account, you cannot guarantee that that guest has signed the waiver.

Tip: When creating a game, set the maximum number of guests to “0” if you want each attendee to accept the waiver👇

📝That’s it! Feel better knowing that your participants have signed your waiver. If you want to learn about how to Add a custom widget on your website so that players can sign your waiver directly from your site before they arrive, read here!

If you have any questions on uploading your group’s waiver to OpenSports, please send me an email at