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With OpenSports’ reliable and group friendly tools, the Sons of Pitches FC (SOPFC) team is freed up to focus on delivering the best on field player experience at their pickup soccer events. We take care of everything else from Payments to Waitlists, Waivers, Cancellations, Automatic Refunds, and Game Reminders.

Atlanta’s largest intown soccer club that runs leagues, pickup games, charity events, and rooftop tournaments switched from Meetup to OpenSports to manage their huge group and almost daily pickup soccer games with upwards of 70 attendees.

Moving away from the cash-based pickup model, towards collecting all payments electronically through OpenSports means sports clubs no longer need to chase players around to collect money. SOPFC’s event organizers use our electronic check-in feature to ensure attendees have paid.

We treasure our relationship with SOPFC and work closely with their founders to build new features, such as attendee check-ins and a variety of administrative roles. We take pride in working with an innovative group that focuses on uniting people around a passion for sports.

Read more about when we met the founders of SOPFC in Atlanta in April, 2018 and played in their pickup games while they launched their OpenSports group!


When Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer (CFRS) needed a sports-specific solution that could handle the transition of 4,000+ members from Meetup, they looked to OpenSports, the only web and app based platform that is continuously building sports-specific features that suit the needs of their organization.

CFRS provides several pickup games per week for players who cannot commit to their adult soccer leagues. When players just want to grab a game in Chicago, they know they can go to OpenSports, view upcoming games posted by CFRS, and pay to play from their iOS app, Android app, or on the web.

They connect pickup soccer players to their leagues by posting free sub opportunities and using OpenSports’ suggested invites tool to invite active players based on location, availability, and gender.

Our online direct deposit payment dashboard allows their group admins to track who has paid, how much money they have made over time, upcoming payouts and expected deposit dates. They even optimized their own website for instant sign ups by embedding OpenSports’ upcoming events widget.

See how Chicago Fire owned the look and feel of their rapidly growing OpenSports group, and view their upcoming games widget.

Philly Volleyball Logo

As Philadelphia Volleyball grows rapidly, their organizers rely on OpenSports to manage their attendees list with the automatic waitlist. They no longer need to message players when a spot opens, or worry about last minute drop outs. The waitlist does the work for them!

Non-profit sports groups can free up time previously spent managing RSVP’s, Payments, Waitlists, and last minute notifications, and spend more time growing their organization. It’s no wonder that since joining OpenSports, Philadelphia Volleyball has been able to expand to 5 new locations and add 7 new volunteer event managers to their team, to keep up with their high demand for volleyball.

With OpenSports, Philadelphia Volleyball can match the level of the event to the level of the players, thus providing the best volleyball experience at every game. Not only do they sell out all of their games, but they regularly do so within 2 minutes of posting them. We have customized many features while working closely with Philadelphia Volleyball.

Learn more about how the automatic waitlist works and get to know Dan’s Volleyball group.

One of the first organizers to use OpenSports, named Payam, just needed a simple tool to organize weekly pickup soccer games for a small group of friends in Toronto. He joined OpenSports because he was trying to get something better than just plain email, Facebook, and Whatsapp, which are painful to manage.

Now that Payam has an easier way to get a headcount and collect payments, he organizes 1-2 pickup soccer games per week for his group of thirty regulars. If not enough players RSVP, he simply cancels the event and players automatically get notified and refunded.

Payam was thrilled when we launched OpenSports groups, because every time he creates an event, he can easily invite everyone in his group and instantly find out who can and cannot come. Players in his group who don’t have the app receive and respond to the invites via email.

Can enough players play? Which field? What time of day do most players want to play? With OpenSports’ event chat, organizers like Payam get answers quickly through messenger based group polls.

Read about Payam’s OpenSports x PUMA Prize and learn more about collecting payment through OpenSports.

MaRS Logo

Companies and organizations like Interac, MaRS and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) are always looking for ways to improve their API or their ability to monitor public health trends. They look to OpenSports for our expertise in software for collecting payment and tracking sports participation and physical activity levels.

OpenSports worked with Interac to build a way to help businesses request payment more easily from groups of people. We are working with the Public Health Agency of Canada and MaRS Discovery District to innovate how to track, monitor, and understand population levels of physical activity through the use of data from our mobile application.

Our partnerships help us apply our understanding of digital technologies to different fields in order to create better solutions for various problems. Let us know what your needs are and we'll help craft your solution for you!

Learn more about how OpenSports worked with Interac and with the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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