Create discount codes that automatically or manually apply

The best way to grow your sports group quickly is by offering discounts to events!

IF you want to skip over to the most popular discounts that organizers create on OpenSports, read here!

Create a fixed value or percentage discount:

On OpenSports, you can create a discount code through the App and/or Website!! Note: Only Group Admins can create discounts (event admins and event managers do not have the discount permission)!

  1. From your OpenSports group on the web, go to Dashboard > Discounts > Create Discount. On the app you can access Discounts by going to your Group, tapping the ellipsis (...) and selecting Discounts.

  2. In the Discount Code section, enter a name for the new discount code (for example, 50OFFPICKUP).

  3. Enter a monetary or percentage value for the discount in the Discount Type box (i.e., $2 off or 50% off)

  4. In the Eligibility section, select who this discount will apply to: Everyone, or Specific Users.

  • If you choose Specific Users, use the search field to choose the individuals that you want to receive the discount. For example, you may only want the captains of your pickup sports events to receive discounts/join for free.

  1. Select if you want the discount to apply to all events within a group or just to one specific event in the Applies To section.

Example: applying the discount to one event only.

  1. If you want to limit discount usage, then check one or more of the options in the Usage Limits section:
  • Limit number of times this discount can be redeemed in total lets you set a total number of times a discount can be used. For example, setting a limit of 50 allows the discount code to be used 50 times across your player base. If you choose this setting, then players can use the discount multiple times, unless you limit the amount of discounts a player can use over time (see the next usage limit option).
  • Limit number of times a user can use this discount over time lets you set a total number of times a discount can be used by each player. For example, setting a limit of 10 allows each player to use a discount 10 times in total across multiple events.
  • Limit number of times a user can use this discount per event lets players’ guests redeem the discount as well. For example, setting a limit of 3 allows a player to use a discount on them self plus two guests.
  • Tip: If you want to limit to one per customer, type “1” in the “Limit number of times a user can use this discount over time” section👇

“One discount per customer”: This set of limits would open up 50 discounts, but would only allow each user to redeem it once.

  • For more tips on the most popular discounts to increase signups to your event, view this post!
  1. Use the calendar in the Duration section to set the start date for the discount. If you want to set an end date for the discount, then click Set End Date and use the calendar to choose when the discount will end.
  • If you don’t choose an end date for your discount, then it will have no expiry, and will only expire if you chose to limit the times this discount can be redeemed in total.
  • Tip: If you want the discount to be valid for only one day, then select the same calendar day for both the start date and the end date.
  1. To distribute this discount, in the Distribution section, select if you want the discount to automatically apply whenever a user joins your event, or if you want to manually send it to people (i.e., through email or through social media promotions).
  • Note: If you do uncheck “Apply the code automatically,” users will need to enter the code when they join your event to receive the discount.
  1. When you are finished, review the discount summary and click Save.

  2. When players click to Join your event (on app right now), they will see a page like this:

If you created a discount for free spots, this is what the player would see when they click Join on your event. If you select “Apply the code Automatically”, the code will automatically appear in the Discount Code Section. Otherwise, players will have to type in the code you gave them.

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