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Past EventSat | Mixed Levels, ⬆️B-A | Coed 🏐 | 6 HOURS!! | $17 Venmo | Rainbow Volleyball

Sep 2 6:01 PM - 11:59 PM (EDT)  •  Indoor Volleyball •  Public Event
Event Organizer
Debbie Emmett
Event Host
Sep 2 6:01 PM

‼This is the Mixed Levels Court. You stay on this court.‼

‼️This Pick Up event costs $17‼

Venmo Preferred - Venmo information will be in the Event Chat. You must pay by 6pm the day Before the event or your ticket Will be Cancelled‼️

‼This event is hosted by Rainbow Volleyball. Dependent upon the number of attendees, we will play quads, 5v5, or 6v6.
‼‼‼To avoid anyone attending the event that is not at sufficient level, those whom do not have a play history in the PHLVB group for events at this minimum targeted level, or those that cannot be vouched for, will not be permitted to attend.‼‼‼

⭐ ❗While this is an open gym, we will be playing with USAV guidelines. We will call everything, doubles, lifts, foot faults, rotational faults, etc
Which means, yes this is pick up and it is supposed to be fun. But I also want everyone, including myself, to improve. Which means calling a bad play when it occurs and then improving going forward.❗⭐

👥 Intended for Upper B-A players or better. 3 courts.

⏰ Play begins at pm

❗Be kind to everyone! If you have concerns about a player, bring it to the host's attention. It is NOT your responsibility nor place to message the person directly. In other words, don't be a jerk and any concerns are to be brought to me, otherwise I reserve the right to bar you from any of my future events.❗


RANKING SYSTEM (low to high):
Beginner ↗️ B ↗️ BB ↗️ A ↗️ AA ↗️ Pro

A "Beginner" should know the basics of volleyball, and played some volleyball before, but they are just beginning to bump, set, and spike. They should not join an event which includes "BB" or "A" level players.
(Unless in a supervised, specifically managed All Levels event)

🅱️ players are still in the early learning stages of the game but knows the skills. They know how to bump, set (a little), and spike, but have a lot of practice yet to go to be able to do these skills consistently. A "B" player makes mistakes often. B level consists of a wide skill level range and consists of those players who have progressed beyond the Beginner stage and thus are at a very low B, to those players that haven't yet reached BB level so are still considered B but at the upper end.

🅱️🅱️ A "BB" player knows where to be on the court at all times when plays are developing and position themselves accordingly, defensively and offensively. They know where to be when the opponent is hitting. They know the footwork of and how to approach hitting effectively. They have solid mechanics for all skills and can underhand pass to target consistently.
A "BB" player knows how to run a 5-1, a 6-2, and a 4-2.

🅰️ players are above average competitive players. They have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play, and use advanced strategies to be successful. Level A players are typically in excellent physical condition and are able to compete at a high level. These players are former club and/or college athletes.

🅰️🅰️ players are extremely competitive players. These individuals may possess the skills needed to play professionally. These players are current professional or former athletes from D1 or D2 schools.

• The host reserves the right to level teams as to
maintain competitive play.
• 🎫 Ticket required to attend this event
• 🎟️ Cost covers the court rental
• 🔄 This event repeats weekly
• 🔔 Invites are sent approximately 1 week prior to play
• 🔕 Profiles lacking sport cards are not sent invites
• 📞 Message the organizer with any questions
• 🏐 Official ball: https://amzn.to/2U5OBQH
• Public bathrooms available in facility
• No Water fountain - only the bathroom sinks or vending machines
• Excellent Taco Stand out Front - Bring Cash
• Large parking lot

23 going, 1 spot left

Please be aware that payments are not refundable.

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