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Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club

Rushing whitewater, quiet mountain lakes, meandering rivers - the Inland Northwest has them all, and the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club is the perfect way to experience them.

Dedicated to promoting safe and fun paddling of all types - canoes, kayaks (whitewater, sea and recreational), rafts and paddle boards - the SCKC welcomes all paddlers of non-motorized craft.

Contact our club members Dave White at or David Crafton at if you have any questions about OpenSports.

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Jun 23 9:51 PM
This is Darcy from the SCKC. I volunteered to become the club treasurer in the fall and am also learning how OpenSports works.

One issue that causes lots of confusion is that it is easy to end up with multiple accounts on OpenSports and each account will only have part of your information on events and payments.

Here's some history: In OpenSports, there are 3 ways to make an account: with your email, FaceBook or Apple. Unfortunately, if you sign into OpenSports in different ways, you end up having multiple accounts. OpenSports advises people to use an email account – “Usually email is the most flexible, and will allow you to receive notifications about event changes and cancellations via email, so this is recommended.”

So, please continue to login with your preferred account type consistently. We will be slowly contacting members with duplicate accounts to correct any issues.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to message me on OpenSports.
Thanks, Darcy

18 reviews (4.9/5)

Maria Oakey
I had a great time. Everyone was very welcoming and kind to us. This was our first time at the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club event. Great group 👏 looking forward to many more adventures ☺️
David Parks
12 days ago for Killarney Lake
Andrew Heisler
Great event - one team in the water another team on the shore. We got a lot done and helped clean the river up!
15 days ago for SCKC River clean up
Sam Richart
A little windy but great company and a great time
Andrew Heisler
I learned a lot at this event. All members of the group contributed to the conversation which led to an amazing class. Barbara had two sets of handouts - one brief and one with more details. The class gave me lots to consider and make me excited about helping to host some of the Spokane Canoe and Kayak events. At the end we got out on the water and had some FUN! Barbara demonstrated some safety techniques and then allowed us to try them out. This is a great group to join if you’re looking for some opportunities to get out on the water and enjoy the summer, you’ll likely learn a thing or two as well. I had one successful roll which was awesome, I can’t wait to go out again!
Doug Nance
Great class. I had no idea going into the class that there was so many things to consider when putting together a group outing. Barbra payed out the information so we’ll with multiple handouts to be used not only to teach, but as an instruction book to be used in the future as a checklist. Then, the icing on the cake…. A leisure group paddle on one of the greatest rivers I’ve ever been on. The weather was perfect. Hot enough to make you want to take a dunk in the river, but not too hot….. you know what I’m talking about. Barbra put on a class teaching us how to roll a kayak and right your self back up. So… it was a day of learning on, and off of the water. Did I mention it was truly FUN!!!! For me seeing, and feeling, the water running down through the thick overgrowth along the side of the was a real experience. ICE COLD AQUIFER WATER. Wow. Our river is so amazing. Then it was onward and upward to the shallow part of the river where you could have fun in the waves and stronger current. What a great time. Then it was time to head back. This was a real great way to learn, and enjoy the evening, with great people. Thanks Barbara!!!!!
Arch Harrison
Nathan Ziegler
Fun opportunity to introunce people to great sports.
a month ago for Spokatopia
Andrew Heisler
I had a great time!
Shauna Burchett
Awesome information, Barb is so generous with her time and knowledge, a worthwhile evening for beginners. Thank you , thank you!
MJ Mousseau
Very enjoyable, thank you Barbara for leading and sharing your knowledge. 🙂
Lynaia Liptak
Perfect evening!
Diane Huckabay
Warm evening with clear flat water. Helpful, friendly, established members. Can't wait for the next paddle.
Preston WL
Well organized...enjoyable
Garry Kehr
My first club paddle. All my expectations were met. Appreciated the firm leadership, sweep, focus on safety. Friendly advice was great too.

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I'm looking to go paddling with others.
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I'm looking to go kayaking with others.
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I'm looking to go kayaking with others.
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