Should I move my Whatsapp group to OpenSports?

The best solution to get a headcount/attendance, collect payment, and have a waitlist that works for you!

“I have to put in 4 hours of work, for a 3 hour pick up game.” —pickup soccer organizer using Whatsapp

Does this sound familiar?

Having to keep track of who is coming to your sports/fitness event and who has paid can be very stressful, and incredibly time consuming. One futsal organizer from Toronto recently told us that he has to “…put in 4 hours of administrative work, for a 3 hour pick up game”. That seven hour total time commitment has hindered his ability to manage the youth side of his soccer organization. This is because he uses Whatsapp and e-mail to manage his weekly pickup futsal games. OpenSports now makes that 4 hours of pre-game organizing turn into a few minutes😅!

How to easily move from WhatsApp to OpenSports

Moving your Sports and Recreation group from WhatsApp to OpenSports means you can send everyone in your OpenSports group an invite to your events, in one click. Follow these simple steps:

  • First, create a group on OpenSports. It’ll take you 1 minute. Here’s a popular pickup soccer group from Philadelphia, that uses OpenSports as an example!
  • After your group is created on OpenSports, for Public groups, simply copy your group URL and paste it into your WhatsApp chats so that people can start joining
  • If you created a Private group, you will need to create a Unique Invite Code which generates a link that you can share via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Meetup, etc that makes it easy for your crew to join
Paste your group’s URL or Unique Invite Code onto WhatsApp or any other platform!
  • When people click on your group’s Link (through a URL or Unique Invite Code), they will be directed to your group page and be able to click “Join”👇
  • All of your members will be able to join your OpenSports group through a simple, regular log-in process:
  • Now, every time you add an event and send invites to your group members, they will receive an invite notification through the app OR through e-mail (depending on if they have the app or not).

Note: If members of your OpenSports group do not have the app, that’s OKAY! They will still receive an e-mail invite to your event, like below:

What it looks like when a member of your group receives an e-mail invite to your event.
  • Watch your game fill up as the stress of being an organizer goes down! Ahhhhhhh🍰😎

If you have any more questions on how to move your group from Whatsapp or any other platforms such as MeetUp, feel free to email:

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