Awards for the best entries so far in OpenSports x Puma #PlayPickup Contest

“Funniest caption” and more awards for Week 1’s contest entries 🙏🏼⚽️

As Week 1 of the OpenSports x Puma #PlayPickup contest comes to a close (there are 5 weeks left, with one prize given away per week!) one of the best things so far is the amazing captions! Here are some “awards” for week 1’s submissions. First draw is this afternoon (Fri, Sept 29; contest closes every Friday at noon)! Remember that you need to make your Insta profile PUBLIC for us to see your entries!

Scroll to the bottom to find out if this post got an award!

The Funniest Caption 😂:

Maybe the commentator had a professional football playing Nana!! 🤷🏻‍

Happiest Soccer Player:

You’re playing the world’s beautiful game… what’s there not to smile about 😁

Best Fake:

Fake right⏩ Go left⏪? Someone’s been taught well. Poof there he goes💨

Most Motivational Post:

Enough said 👆

Most Toronto is the Greatest Post:

We all had our first time playing with Toronto Soccer Connection — The most community focused soccer organization in #TO 🙏🏼⚽️

Most Quintessentially Canada Post:

With the temperatures dropping in Canada, it is time to throw on your under armour, long johns, gloves, toque, and continue to #playpickup!

Most “Sit Down. Be Humble” Post:

Soccer is such a mental game. If you know nobody’s getting by you, chances are, they won’t!

Most Nostalgic Post:

We remember the days of playing in the hay!! Because hay… you can play soccer anywhere, anytime ☔️

Most I-Am-An-Intimidating-Player Post:

When defenders are lunging away from you, and your own teammate is just admiring your technique…you’ve got this👊

Most “HOLY S%*T that is going IN🔥!” Post:

Goalie is like… 😧…😬…🤔…🙏🏼…🤢…nevermind I can’t reach that.

Most I’M BACKKKK Post:

When you’re back from an injury and you’re ready to absolutely own.

Most Pre-Game Selfie Post:

Always make sure you snap some pictures with your soccer girls before getting on the pitch — better yet, after a hard fought game 💪

And the award for the Most Creative Post:

Caption: My squad is ready. How’s yours looking? Let’s #playpickup #foreverfaster

What is the formation here! Do you sometimes wish your favourite player took up all 11 positions? #PaulScholes 😂

And the winner for WEEK 1 is…

@Sammyjdj’s Instagram post! Eat.Sleep.Work.Play Soccer.

Thank you for all of your submissions. Five more fun weeks to go! Thank you so much, Puma, for supporting OpenSports and local recreational soccer players.

#SITE — Speak It To Existence: DeGrasse’s new YouTube web series

👆Next week, we hope that Andre DeGrasse will draw the winner’s name! We met him yesterday at We Day and are really big fans of this amazing guy:)

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Remember there are two ways to enter: Post or Play in a pickup soccer game on the app & leave the game organizer reviews or share a photo of yourself playing in Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and tag OpenSports #playpickup #foreverfaster to win.

❤ Your friends at OpenSports