Challenge Ontario Table Tennis Champion Iryna Shevchenko

Defending pong champion challenges you on World Table Tennis Day

Click here to join for $5.

I want to rewind for a moment.

And reflect on the remarkable day in June 2016 when our tiny little startup serendipitously met Iryna Shevchenko (story to come, over drinks some day). Her courage, hard work and tenacity are hardly visible through her exceptionally warm, humble, friendly, conscientious, and kind disposition. But do not let that fool you.

Thanks to World Table Tennis Day (WTTD), it’s your chance to experience what it’s like to challenge a legit champion at table tennis (or just watch her face others). On Thursday night at 7pm, Toronto’s pickup sports and recreation company OpenSports, will welcome Iryna Shevchenko (and you) for a fun night of ping pong and snacks.

Shortly after immigrating to Canada from the Ukraine, Shevchenko clinched gold at the 2016 Ontario Championships last May, making her the defending champion for Women’s Singles in Ontario.

Check her out her mad, mad skills here:

Don’t think you can stand up? Don’t worry. Shevchenko’s also a certified table tennis coach and WILL help you improve your game. She has degrees from the National University of Physical Training and Sports of Ukraine as well as eight years of table tennis coaching experience.

The first ten signups get to play against Shevchenko for $5. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

You can join through the OpenSports link below, and truly, whether you are also a tennis phenom or have never touched a paddle before, we want you to!

WTTD developed to set standards for other sporting organizations around inclusivity through sport. You can learn more about it here.

So why not challenge yourself? Come to play pong, come to receive coaching, come to socialize, come to enjoy your city on a Thursday night, come to celebrate the power of sports :)

Maybe you’ll be number 1 like Iryna…

Your OpenSports Team :)

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