Create & send invite codes for teammates to register for your team (Web + App)

As a team captain, you can add your teammates by sending them an email or creating and sharing an invite link with them. This article will walk you through both on the web or app!

Make sure you are in the “leagues/tournaments” tab (the trophy icon) and tap on your team.

From the “My Team” tab, tap on the ellipsis and select “Team Invites”

You'll be able to see the options to create an invite code or invite players by email / SMS.

Create an Invite Code

Tap on Create Invite Code. From here, OpenSports will automatically generate an invite code that you as the captain can share with teammates via any platform. One invite code can be sent to multiple players.

Invite by Email / SMS

You will be able to enter their email address or select them from your phone contacts. Note that each email recipient is limited to one signup. Thus, if they share their invite with someone else, their friend won't be able to also join.

Once your players receive the invite links / emails, they'll be able to easily join your team and you'll get sent a notification once they've joined. If they don't yet have an OpenSports account, they'll be able to make one when signing up so that they can get all the relevant updates from the organizers.

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