Event Chat & Communicating Changes with Attendees

Event Chat

Every event has its own event chat, which, by default, includes all participants who have registered for the event, unless the event creator selects for the event chat to be open to players on the waitlist as well.

Let’s say the first 4 people to join an event start messaging each other in the event chat. What happens when 6 more players join? They CAN see messages that were exchanged prior to them joining!

When creating an event, by default, the event chat is available to attendees who have registered only. However, the event creator can make the chat open to waitlisted users as well, or the public (i.e., everyone in their group); or can choose to disable the event chat.

Event Changes or Cancellations

Let’s say you had to cancel your drop-in event because of the weather. Or let’s say you change the location and select yes when you are are prompted to “notify all attendees”…

1. Will everyone be notified?

Yes, everyone will get a notification that it was cancelled (or changed). They will receive a push notification in their app if they have push notifications turned on, or and e-mail if they don’t have the app, and signed up with their email address.

If the event organizer changes the event time, date, or location, and selects to notify all attendees, event attendees will get a notification that specifies what changed. For example, “The time for Friday Night Pickup changed”. Then the attendee would click on the event details to see what time it changed to.
If the event organizer cancels an event, all event attendees will automatically get a notification.
Notifications that players receive when an event is changed or cancelled. Note: If players have push notifications turned on, they will receive these as push notifications, and then can go into the app to view more details. If they don’t have the app and just have a web account, they will receive these notifications as emails.

2. How members should expect to receive all of these different notifications:

  • If they have an App with push notifications from OpenSports enabled: they will receive push notifications to their phone Note: They have to have push notifications from OpenSports turned on in their phone’s settings
  • If they have the App but push notifications from OpenSports turned off: notifications will go to email
  • If they have a web account: notifications will go to email

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