Experience PickUp Sports the Toronto Way

Happy, energized, enthusiastic: Playfully embracing the bitter cold in Toronto. Come join us.

Where’s the ball?

Refuel your social life when winter tells you you should be inside.

Today’s pickup was sharing, hugging, dancing, sliding, laughing, high fiving. It was convivial.

Experiencing and embracing special moments can and should happen in our lives more frequently. They can be a week in length, a month in length, or a split second. Several hours after playing 1.5 hours of pickup soccer, I am still feeling elated, energized, and full of ideas. I feel re-connected to my job, to my colleagues, to communities of people who inspired me. This is what pickup sports do for me.

Happy as a freaking clam whilst grooving to some tunes!

Getting together a group of fun, enthusiastic people to play sports seems to be the best release from our ever increasingly online lives.

Sharing laughs in person is the healthiest thing for our bodies, minds, and souls.

Turbo and I, going for a post-game jog because we couldn’t get enough of being outside!

Please come join us next time… seriously!!

Sports: Inclusive, fun, and social

We are in the “business” of helping people connect. If you are a game organizer and you post your games on OpenSports, or you’d like to try to organize a game, we will support you in every way. Your support is also so so appreciated:)

Enjoy playing, wonderful people :)

See ya next time. Byeeeeeeee!

Alicia and OpenSports :)