How do I know when new events are posted/new spots are opened?

If you’re wondering how you’ll learn about when new events are posted, it depends on how the group you are a member of is managing their group.

  • Some groups send invites to all of their group members, for every event that they create. If this is the case for the sports group you’re in, you will receive a push notification and/or email whenever they create an event and send invites
  • Some groups create events and don’t send invites to all of their group members. Rather, they consistently post events at around the same date/time every week and group members know when to expect to look for new events.

You can always check in with one of the group admins to ask about their policy on creating new events and sending invites, so that you know what to expect!

Tip: Make sure you have a “sports card” for every sport you play:

Sometimes, organizers/admins will only invite people in their group with, let’s say a “beach volleyball” sport card to a beach volleyball event, or a “soccer” sport card to a pickup soccer game.

Make sure you have a sport card for all of the types of events that your group hosts.

  • Go to your Player Profile (bottom right corner of the app) and click on “Add a Sport Card
  • You will then be prompted to choose a sport, level, and position (these details are less important)
  • Once you are finished, hit save and you will now have a new sports card!