How referees can check in teams and enter scores on the App

Step 1) Find the league/tournament

  • First, you need to be in the leagues environment (tap the trophy icon from the lower navigation bar)
  • To make sure you are viewing the correct league, go to the league switcher (tap on the top if the screen, where it shows the name of the league)
  • Tap on the Staff tab, to view the leagues you are a ref/staff for, and to go to the appropriate league.

Step 2) Check-in players

  • Tap on the match that you’d like to check in players for. You can tap on the matches that are displayed in the horizontal scroll, or click “View All” to see a full list of matches.
  • Tap on the Players tab
  • Tap on “Check in” to check players into the match (NOTE: If it is more than one hour before the match, you cannot check players in yet).
  • You can still check in players after the match.
  • “No RSVP” means players did not use the RSVP functionality — the use of this will depend on the league rules/what the captains prefer.

Step 3) Enter scores

Once a match is over, the “Enter Results” button will appear within the match page

  • Tap on the match for which you’d like to enter the score
  • Tap the green Enter Results button
  • Input the score and save it
  • Now you will see the score and players will receive a notification that the score has been updated! If you need to make changes to the score, tap on the “Update Results” button!

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