Registration options: Captains pay-in-full; Split payment; Custom-split payment; or Free agents

OpenSports offers four registration options: Captains pay in full; Split payments, Custom split payment, and Free agents

Audience: League/Tournament Admins

0. Before we start

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1. Background and terminology

  • In short, a registration option is simply: how people (captains & players) are going to join the league. This is when you set up the tickets that captains/players will sign up through.
  • There are two core components to the registration options section: The payment model (captains pay in full; split payment; or free agent) and registration dates/deadlines. You can create an infinite amount of registration options by combining the options in each.
  • Our registration options allow for the registration of: Captained teams, and Non-captained teams (free agents).
  • The three payment models are team payment, split payment, or free agent.

2. There are four Registration Options that an admin can set up:

Note: You can add all of these registration options if you’d like! All of these options allow for early bird pricing, mid season pricing, regular pricing etc.

A) The captain pays the whole team fee up front (aka “Captain pays in full”)

  • You (the admin) set a team price, and the captain pays it in full when they register their team
  • The captain can settle the payments with their teammates off of the app
  • When the captains’ teammates register for the team through the app, there is no additional fee
  • Advantage: You don’t have to worry about how many players sign up for a team since the team fee has already been paid in full
  • There are no down deposits

B) Fixed price split payment

  • You (the admin) set a per-player price so everybody who joins the team roster (including the captain) has to pay that fixed price when they register
  • It is a fixed dollar amount per player.
  • Captains will send out team invites to prospective teammates. Those teammates can view the amount they owe before joining
  • When players register for the team, they pay their fee online directly to the league
  • Advantage: Captains are not responsible for paying the whole team fee
  • There are no down deposits
  • The Captain cannot assign a dollar amount that the player owes (this can be done via the custom payment split option below). The league admin is the only person who can assign a fixed price per player

C) Custom Payment Split

  • Set up the total team cost and payment deadline, and the captain can decide how much each teammate pays once they register their team
  • This allows the captain to, for example, charge goalies or part-time players less to play on their team.
  • You can set up down deposits for captains to pay
  • We have a whole guide on custom payment splitting here.

D) Free Agents *Recommended Choice for Youth Leagues*

  • You (the admin) set a free agent price so that everybody who joins the league as a free agent has to pay that fixed price when they register
  • If you run a youth league where there are no captains, you will probably only want to open up free agent spots
  • There are no down deposits

3. How to add Registration Options

  • You can offer one registration option (i.e., 16 team spots whereby the captain pays in full) or any combination of options.
  • Navigate to the “Registration Options” page through the app or web interface (either while you are setting up the league, or when you are editing the league)
  • Next to the registration option you’d like to create, tap on “Add” in order to create a set of tickets for that registration option.
  • For Team Registrations (for leagues that will have captains), select if the payment will be per team (captain pays in full) or per player (fixed cost payment split or custom payment split).
  • # Registrations Available — how many of this ticket class are available.
  • Input the cost per team or per player, depending on which registration option you are setting up.
  • Select the date range for this registration option to be available.
  • If you open up tickets for Free Agent Registration, players can register as free agents, and you (the admin) can easily add them to different teams.
  • Repeat this process for as many registration options as you would like to create (Hint: If you’d like to create an early bird registration option, or allow players to register mid-season at a prorated price, you can set up all of these options now).

App screenshots

Example: Mixing Registration Options

  • In this example below, the league admin opened up a max of 16 team spots in the league while setting up the league
  • Here is an overview of all of the registration options available, with their respective registration dates:

> 16 team payment registrations at $2000.00 per team open from Jan 12-Feb 12 2021;

> 16 split payment team registrations at $180.00 per player also open from Jan 12-Feb 12 2021;

> 15 Free Agent registrations at $200.00 per player which is also available throughout the whole default registration period (from Jan 12-Feb 12 2021);

  • After creating all of these options, you might get a Warning from the system. In this case the warning says: You’ve created 32 team spots, but only the first 16 (the maximum number of teams in the league) can register. Our system allows you the flexibility of creating more registration options than you need, but automatically tracks the amount of teams that register and compares it to the team quota you set — brilliant!

4. Registration Dates

  • The Registration Options setup allows for you to assign different registration windows to different ticket types.
  • Registration dates and league dates can overlap (i.e., registration dates can go well into the league so that players can register at a discounted rate halfway through the season.)

5. Payment flexibility

  • For the split payment registration option, the organizer who is setting up the league assigns a fixed, flat price per player. The Captain cannot assign different dollar amounts to different players on their teams.
  • For the custom payment splitter option, the Captain can assign different dollar amounts to different players on their teams. You can request a down deposit/down payment when setting up this option.
  • For the captain pays in full option, the Captain has to pay for the whole team at once (in one lump sum). There are no down deposits for this option.

6. Split payment: What if a team doesn’t meet it’s minimum roster requirement (and thus minimum payment)?

If at the end of the registration period a team has fewer players than is required by the your leagues rules, then the league admin can take 1 of 3 different actions:

  • Remove the team from the league, giving refunds to player who have registered
  • Add free agents to the team
  • Let them play anyways even if they have fewer players than required (you’d be taking a revenue hit).

7. Transaction fees

In total, the transaction fees for league and tournament payments are 5% + $0.30.

Here’s how this breaks down:

  • Stripe processing fee: 2.9% +$0.30
  • OpenSports service fee: 2.1%Processing fee for league refunds


When a refund is issued, the organizer will lose the Stripe transaction fee (2.9% + $0.30).

For example, on a $5 ticket, organizer pays 5*.029+.30 = $0.45 in fees.

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