How to enter scores after a match (web & app guide)

Referees and even captains can easily input scores

Through the OpenSports league and tournament system, referees and captains can seamlessly input scores, and league admins have the ability to settle score disputes if games are self-officiated.

  • Begin by navigating to the match. Matches can be found listed on the Calendar tab (the furthest tab to the left). Tap on “Staff” to see a list of matches assigned to you. If the match isn't assigned to you, search for it under the “Admin” tab where you'll find all matches listed.
  • Tap the “Enter Scores” button at the bottom of the match screen. Input the scores and then tap “Update.”
  • Now, you can see a view of the score which indicates the winner of the match

Verifying/approving a score

Let’s say you are running a self-officiated league/tournament. This implies that you are relying on your captains or players (in sports like pickleball) to input the final scores.

  • For the score to be confirmed and reflected in the standings, one team captain must input the scores and the opposing team captain must verify them.
  • In case of a score dispute, the league admin will receive a notification and can resolve the dispute, approving the appropriate scores with a single click.

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