How to move your group from Whatsapp in 2 easy steps

With examples from other sports groups

Two easy steps to make the transition simple!

1.Create your first event! (We recommend you create at least one upcoming event before inviting members to your group, so that they can see that there is upcoming activity!)

2. Invite members to your OpenSports group by making announcements about your next few events on Whatsapp! When players join an event, they will automatically be added to your group :-)

  • Post the link to your OpenSports events so that players know that they MUST join through OpenSports!
  • Let your friends in your Whatsapp group know that you will be using OpenSports as the exclusive platform to collect RSVPs and payment.
  • Now, every time you create an event and send invites to your group members, they will receive an invite notification through the app OR through e-mail (depending on if they have the app or not).

Check out this document for some examples of text you can copy and paste!

We have created a very helpful how-to section here for help on more specific topics such as the waitlist, refunds, waivers, sending event invites, etc.

Have fun!! :-)

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