I don’t see a lot of players in my area — how are people going to join my group?

You’ve just signed up for OpenSports and created a group, but you don’t see many users in your area. What’s going on?

OpenSports is a very useful platform for existing groups that are looking for a better way to organize their games and manage their rsvp’s, payments, waitlist, refunds, waivers, etc. Basically an all-in-one pickup/dropin sports management tool.

The best way to use the OpenSports app/website and to eventually grow your group is by creating a group, inviting all your regulars to it, and posting all of your events within our group. This means that for now, the promotion of the group is left to the group admin.

But I don’t have “regulars” yet

If you want to start up a brand new group, you can still promote it on different social media channels to gain members, but sharing your group URL and saying something like “Join my [pickup soccer] group to receive weekly invites to games in the area!”

Here’s a few more tips

1. Select an Launch Date and create your first event on that date

  • Create the event within your OpenSports group
  • Plan to to promote your OpenSports group on different social media channels

2. Make announcements about your group before your first event!

  • Share links to your OpenSports group on all of your social media channels, in group chats, and via email, to give a clear indication that you will be posting events here (See sample posts below)

On Facebook

“I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a variety of pickup sports games through OpenSports! Please join our group at [URL HERE] in order to get invites and messages moving forward. Anyone is welcome to join anytime! OpenSports will send you game invites, messages, and emails if you don’t have the app. Please join my group, to ensure that you get our invites moving forward. Thank you!”

Through Whatsapp/Email/etc

“I created a pickup [SPORT] group on OpenSports! This is where I will host all upcoming pickup sports games. Please join to receive invites to events, to join events, to participate in the event chat, and to receive last minute notifications. Link to join [INSERT URL]”

Here’s an example of a softball group in Texas that started from scratch and now has over 35 members and regular pickup games! One of their growth strategies was actually BUMPER STICKERS! Ruben, the organizer, was very determined to use the platform to create a group that plays regularly! https://opensports.net/@AdultBaseball

Organizers get super creative with how they promote their OpenSports group when they are just starting out with no members!

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