OpenSports gets a new coat of paint: 2019 App Redesign

Our third redesign emphasizes a better experience for mobile 📱

We spent the summer cleaning up our app with a focus on user experience, and finally, we are ready to introduce our mobile redesign to the world! Don’t worry, ALL of the necessities that you have come to love and rely on are still in place. It’s just…

A more picturesque environment.

The OS app redesign is truly an upgrade in terms of ease of use and overall look and feel, both for organizers and players.

About the re-design:

  • Lighter, more minimalistic theme
  • Fresh and inviting layout— we got rid of a lot of the darker green
  • Simple navigation: Events and Groups are the focus
  • Easier Group discovery
  • Limited the number of steps required to complete a task (i.e., check your spot on the waitlist)
  • Better use of colour/buttons — key actions like “Add event” and “Add sport card” are highlighted with vibrant buttons. Event information (i.e., location and group name) is more clearly clickable
  • Cleaner, clearer layout — making your group look amazing 🤩

Major improvements

  • Groups Tab — Finally here!!! Users can now search for public groups in a dedicated Groups tab (from the main navigation bar). Having a dedicated tab for Groups should significantly decrease our app’s learning curve for new users!
  • My Events Tab — We re-organized this screen so that Upcoming and Past events are no longer all in one tab. Now, you’ll see tabs for Upcoming, Past, and Hosting. The Upcoming tab is further broken into Requested (i.e., if you’re on a waitlist, you can easily see where you are on the waitlist); Invited; and Upcoming (Going).
  • Persistent Join button — When a player is viewing event details, the Join button or Join Waitlist button is persistent. This way, they don’t lose motivation by scrolling all the way to the bottom trying to figure out how to join the event!
  • Waitlist — Organizers can now clearly see the order of the waitlist, and how much time players have to respond to waitlisted events. Users can easily check their spot on the waitlist through the My Events tab.
Overviews of position on the waitlist are much easier to see at a glance for players and organizers.
  • Attendees list — organizers can see if someone is a new attendee (i.e., they are attending their first game within your group) under the Manage Users tab.


  • Upcoming: Apple Pay and Google Pay — for players that have Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled on their phone — Players who have never paid for a game on OpenSports before will have the option to pay with their credit card or with Apple Pay/Google Pay when they RSVP for a spot. Even if players have paid with a Credit Card on OpenSports before, they now have the option to use Apple Pay/Google Pay if it is enabled on their phone.
If a player has already paid for events via credit card, by default, OpenSport will select the credit card as the payment method. All users now has the option to select Apple Pay or Google Pay if they have it enabled on their mobile device.
  • (WEB) Event Attendee count/event cards— On the web, group admins and event organizers can see — at a glance — how many players are attending an event and how many spots are left, without having to click on the event.


  • “Bumping” your sport card — nobody knew what that meant, anyways 🙄
  • Bye-bye Players Tab; Hello Groups Tab!!

Have a look through our beautiful redesign yourself, and let us know what you think!! Send feedback to

❤ Your friends at OpenSports,

James, Yi An, Alicia & Mannie