OpenSports launches in Spanish today!!

OpenSports is expanding our presence by launching a Spanish version of our app and website!

Why in Spanish? 🇪🇸🇲🇽

Without any sort of directed marketing effort, we have seen, organically, groups signing up from around the globe — from running and futsal groups in Portugal to cycling and badminton groups in Australia — and we want to better serve these groups by making our platform available in their respective languages. Our launch in Spanish will be a significant step for our company, as it’s one of the most popular languages in the world.


We have spent weeks trying to make sure that every small detail is ironed out. Imagine downloading Uber and not understanding that the placeholder text on the main screen says “Where to?” Or imagine using a platform like Air bnb that has an English website, but a Spanish app. Everything from our outreach messages during group on-boarding, to some of our most popular how-to blogs, to our app, website, and automatic email reminders for games, has been translated. We are all set up with Stripe to collect Euros along with 13 other currencies, so allowing new Spanish groups to handle payment processing will be a breeze!

One of the more fun things to do when launching in a new language, is creating App Store screen shots that are tailored to different cities! It also takes insane amounts of time 😅

We have received tremendous support from very patient groups in North America who have grown with us! Their steady stream of feedback and motivational words have allowed us to get to this point, and we are hoping that the positivity and momentum will continue!

How to see OpenSports in Spanish (App & Web)!

Any user that has their phone language to Spanish will now see all UI in Spanish by default!

If you want to switch the OpenSports website to Spanish, go to the OpenSports Homepage > > > Scroll to the “Language” button> Click and select the language.

If you want to switch your app to Spanish, go to your Profile > Click on the Settings gear > Scroll to the bottom and click “Switch Language”.

We believe that making our app accessible in (eventually) hundreds of different languages will continue to fulfill our mission of helping people play more. In order to fulfill our mission, we work with sports organizations across the globe to provide the technology that will help them better run their organizations.

If you want to learn more about OpenSports and talk to one of our founders, email 😄🙌