OpenSports teams up with WeWork to provide pick up soccer for their member companies: Corporate pickup!

OpenSports provides an original pick up soccer service to WeWork members

Originally published on September 17, 2018. Note that we re-launched OpenSports x WeWork pickup soccer for the second season in July, 2019!

A few short months ago, OpenSports and WeWork partnered up to plan the launch of a “Pickup Soccer League” for their members, that would be run through the OpenSports platform. We are thrilled to be joining forces with the Toronto arm of one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world to help their members pick up and play sports together!!

The WeWork group has quickly grown to 57 members and counting, and upcoming games are filling up quickly by members who just want to be social and active outside of their daily workspace. OpenSports is taking care of everything from field rental to creation of the group, posting the weekly games, sending out invites, managing RSVP’s, payments, waitlists, event chat, and last minute notifications, and even the marketing content to generate a lot of buzz within the WeWork spaces!

A glimpse into a WeWork game!

The community managers at WeWork’s three current Toronto locations blasted out the invite to the WeWork group on OpenSports, and members quickly started joining the upcoming games. Eighteen WeWork members signed up for the first game downtown Toronto on Friday September 7th, enough for an 8v8 game with subs! Here’s some photos from the event:

Teams getting ready and some cheerleaders on the side!
The game itself was an absolute blast for everybody!
WeWork members sharing high fives after the match! A huge shout out to the referee, and everybody from the WeWork offices who helped make this happen.

At OpenSports, our whole mission is to get people to play more. We work with sports organizations across the globe to help them better run their groups. A huge thanks to WeWork, and specifically Denzel, for allowing us to provide your members with this pick up sports service!

Let us help you run your league!

OpenSports is the web and app solution that will allow you to launch and run your new sports community! We provide a streamlined service for sports groups, organizations, and companies so that you can offer sports to your members and employees! Contact us if you’d like to know more about what we can offer you:)

Happy playing!!

Alicia from OpenSports :)