Reports: How to view a breakdown of revenue generated from events, leagues and tournaments all-in-one-view

Want to see how much money your club has brought in from events and league/tournament registrations?

At the moment, OpenSports generates separate reports for events; and separate reports for individual leagues/tournaments. You cannot view a reports section that combines all leagues, tournaments, and events, on OpenSports.

However, you can view this information on Stripe.

  • Go to your Stripe dashboard
  • From the menu, click on All transactions
  • Click on the Export button
  • Select the date range, and the columns you’d like displayed. Note: By default, there should be enough info.
  • This will allow you to view a breakdown of revenue generated for events, leagues, and tournaments. In the export, you can view which transactions are for what.

Reports on OpenSports

We are in the process building a reports section that combines all leagues and tournaments.

For the time being, you can view the revenue for each league/tournament through the reports section of each league on the web interface.

So for each league, go to “Reports” from the navigation bar and you can view revenue reports. There are 3 tabs: Overview, Registrations, and Team Payments:

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