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Invite players at different levels, view who’s coming, collect payment for RSVP’s and shuttlecocks, and create memberships

Simple group and event management tools on an integrated web and app platform

Facility owners and club managers enjoy a simple but sophisticated experience at every level of event management on OpenSports: Invites, RSVP management, payment collection, communication, on site check-in, and much more.

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Send invites using level filters to ensure quality of play

You can turn on the gender, skill level, and availability invite filters to ensure only the right players in your group are receiving notifications about events.

OpenSports is relied on by groups that play badminton for fun (all levels) and competitively. Groups use event titles, descriptions, and invite filters to ensure each team gets their equivalent level opponents and everybody gets to play competitive matches.

  • Players self-rate their level when creating a badminton profile
  • Event invite filters allow you to invite players at different levels (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)

Watch as players fill all the spots quickly

  • Limit the number of spots available
  • Open spots for teams of two for doubles games
  • Send invites to players in your group, filtered by skill level, or open to everyone
  • Players confirm their spot by RSVP’ing and paying
  • View attendees list and waitlist
  • When spots fill quickly, the automatic waitlist turns on and manages the attendees list, and sends automatic refunds for you!

Repeat events

  • The “Repeat Event” tool auto-fills in all of the past event details with the same information, for exactly one week later
  • Unlimited events can be made for the future
  • Event details can easily be edited

Keep your players informed about what’s going on in your badminton community

  • Announcements, Event chat, and Individual chat allow you to have various touch points with group members and event attendees!

Alert members about cancelled play

  • When cancelling a game, write a message that blasts out to all attendees
  • Attendees receive a push notification upon game cancellation, or an email if push notifications are turned off
  • Easily send full refunds to players

Create memberships that give players a discount on each drop-in play

  • Sell monthly memberships that gives players automatically discounted prices when they join a game
  • Sell electronic punch cards like a 10-play punch card. Games are automatically redeemed when players join an event
  • Membership management for multiple facilities — offer players a membership where they can join a limited or unlimited number of sessions across many facilities in town

Automatic waitlist for pre-paid events

  • Automatic waitlist turns on when your event fills up and works to fill spots and collect payment if there are drop-outs
  • Waitlist automatically handles refunds for drop-outs that happen by the refund deadline

Badminton clubs across the globe like the ones below are scheduling drop-in/social court matches on OpenSports. Join the amazing platform that is powering these groups!

Case Studies:

1. Pittsburgh Badminton (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

“The OpenSports Waitlist has been the single biggest boon for us! We love to talk about it’s practical usefulness to organizers.” Bharath, Pittsburgh Badminton

Pittsburgh Badminton is a group of badminton enthusiasts that regularly meet at suitable courts for informal pickup open group badminton court time. Their pickup group on OpenSports allows players to sign-up for recurring weekly events, make friends and to freely exchange information & ideas related to the sport within a safe environment!

Bharath and Dinesh, who run Pittsburgh Badminton, reserve 6 courts at a local facility for 2 hours and limit their event to 34 players (strictly enforced through OpenSports’ maximum attendees selector). They collect the birdie fee of $2.40 per player through the app which doubles as a guarantee against no-shows because a player cannot RSVP for a spot without paying the birdie fee.

2. Sydney Badminton Players (Sydney, Australia)

Handling members, non-members, drop-ins, and private groups became cumbersome for Sydney Badminton Players (SBP), who were formerly using Meetup to post their social badminton events. As the popularity of their commitment-free model grew, they needed a better system to handle their RSVP’s and transactions. While looking for an alternative to Meetup, they fell in love with OpenSports.

In 2013, SBP turned private-membership-only-clubs on their head with an inclusive commitment-free badminton club. Now, with SBP’s OpenSports group for their social pickups, players can easily RSVP, pay for birdies, see when all spots are filled, and join the automatic waitlist.

The group admin, Alvin, books 2 courts at a facility in Sydney for 3 hours on Saturdays and Wednesdays. They charge $17.30 AUD per person through the OpenSports app, and use the maximum attendees tool to restrict the number of people that can attend to a maximum of 12. Most players are regulars and play at an intermediate level, but SBP is very welcoming to anyone who would like to give it a go and meet new faces.

3. Barking Doubles Badminton Meetup (New Castle, UK)

“Great workout, great host, and friendly group” , are a few of the ways that this fun and competitive badminton group located in New Castle, UK is described.

After using Meetup for two years, Tareq, organizer of Barking Doubles Badminton Meetup, switched over to OpenSports and used the email invite tool to invite all club members. To simplify the scheduling of weekly events, Tareq uses the “Repeat Event” tool, which auto-fills in all of the past event details with the same information, for exactly one week later.

Each session costs £6 for 2 hours, and games are played on a 2 court facility in New Castle. Barking Doubles uses the maximum attendee tool in OpenSports Event Creator form to cap their events at 16 players so players get to play alternate games. Although they have a mixed group of players of all levels, most players are beginners to intermediate.

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Group shot of players from Pittsburgh Badminton Club, who came on board to OpenSports in 2018

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