Set up annual drop-in/pickup sports memberships

How to set up an annually renewing membership on the OpenSports website:

Go to your Group’s homepage > Click on the Memberships tab > Click on the Manage Memberships tab > Click on the Create Membership button >You will be led to a simple membership creation form!

Membership creation form

  1. Set a name and description for your membership. This name and description are displayed to your players, so make sure they are clear, accurate and concise!

Note: If you’d like some sample descriptions to copy-and-paste, scroll to the bottom of this article!

2. Set the price for the membership as well as if you would like it to automatically renew.

3. Set the discount. This is for an annual discount which entitles players to free clubs nights/drop-in sessions, so the discount is set to 100% all games.

It is important to Limit the number of times a user can use the discount per event, if you only want the user to apply their membership’s discount once per event (i.e., if you don’t want their guests to get the membership discount as well).

4. Review your plan summary and press save! Now players will have the option to pay for this membership the next time they join an event.

Example of how this is redeemed on the players’ end

Annual membership example:

  • Player purchases a one-year membership through your group for £280
  • Player signs up for a game (clicks Join) and selects their membership plan upon checkout
  • Player can view how many events they have gone to through their membership card
  • Since this is set up as an annual contract (renews indefinitely), the contract is automatically renewed the next year unless the player cancels the contract renewal.

Note: for a more detailed guide on membership cancellations for indefinite renewals and contract periods, read here.

Template description to copy-and-paste!


Purchase this membership if you are looking to become/are a regular player! This is a recurring annual membership. Payment will auto-renew every year. This is a NON REFUNDABLE membership.



🎟️Regular price of drop-in is $15 per person. Purchase this online membership if you want to save!

🔁This membership auto-renews every year. It is non-refundable!

👻Each time you join a game, you will not be charged the drop-in price.