Sports Groups that have grown their player base using discounts!

Check out how these three OpenSports groups have leveraged discounts to create buzz and bring new members to their group!

Groups on OpenSports have been finding innovative ways to give out discounted sports games using OpenSports “discounts feature” and not only create buzz but fill up all of their available space in every pickup game!!

Here’s a few fun campaigns that some of our favourite groups have run:

1. “Become an event host and receive your next 5 games free!”

Philadelphia Volleyball is the largest volleyball group on OpenSports, but what’s even more unique about them is they have 13 event organizers! Dan Elliott, founder of Philadelphia Volleyball, has created a tight-knit community, and from there, many regular players have become organizers.

In an effort to engage more “regulars” and encourage them to become organizers, Dan created a discount: If you host one event, you get 100% off your next 5 events! Incentives, much!?

Why we love this: The more volunteers you can engage to help you run your pickup events, the more events you can run, and the more you can grow your group! Running games on your own several nights per week will burn you out real quick, so finding those regulars who have the right attitude and enthusiasm to become the future event organizers for your group is very important for sustainability and growth of your sports group!

2. Throw a social media contest to engage your members!

Sons of Pitches FC (SOPFC) used OpenSports’ robust discount tools to create a discount that would apply to one individual (the winner), for a maximum of two times! When the winner of the contest goes to join the next pickup soccer game, the discount automatically applies, and SOPFC doesn’t need to do any admin work to keep track of anything!

Why we love this: SOPFC found a fun/funny way to engage their community of players, and used their actual product — recreational soccer — as a prize! Visit their Facebook page to see which comment actually won!

3. Give all new group members 50% off their first pickup game

Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer (CFRS) doesn’t just care about how many members they have in their large group — they care about how many members have come to at least one game, knowing that they will usually come back for more. Retention is a key metric!

Why we love this: The founders of CFRS are on to something big: new member engagement and loyalty programs for regular members. Keeping your customers happy and recognizing their loyalty is an important part of running a business, and this group is on the cusp of some very innovative loyalty program ideas using OpenSports’ member reports and discount tools!

4. Do charitable acts and play discounted pickup!

Yes, we already mentioned Philadelphia Volleyball… but they deserve a follow up mention for this brilliant, creative, community centric idea! Philly Volleyball is giving away $4 coupons to encourage locals to clean their park!

Why we love this: By offering a discount for locals who do community work, Philly Volleyball is also cross-promoting their own pickup volleyball games because, of course, if you receive a discount, you’re going to want to use it!! We love this “Pickup for Social Change” model!

Organizers ❤ Discounts

“The eligibility, usage limits, and distribution are more than even our league software, so kudos on building a robust tool” — Court, Sons of Pitches FC

Learn more about creating discounts here!

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