Sports that beginners can learn quickly in Toronto

We all know we should try new things and challenge ourselves regularly to avoid becoming boring weridos who talk about cat videos during brunch.

But, at the same time, dragging yourself out of bed to try something you might not like is hard. Nobody likes to feel like the new kid in class, surrounded by a bunch of strangers. What if you don’t fit in?! But, unless you are watching Tony Robbins documentaries on repeat, you aren’t becoming a better you.

And, Oprah will judge you.

All the best stuff happens outside your comfort zone.

After that pep talk, what’s stopping you from trying a new activity? There are several social sports to learn and pickup with ease.

Still not convinced?

Let Josh tell you his story about starting to play soccer one month ago

Finding sports that are open to beginners is very easy on the OpenSports app. You also can see other beginners on the app (there’s so many people looking to try new sports!)


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Most people can play softball. That’s the beauty of it. That’s also why it’s so popular with children. The lack of fine tuned motor skills is no big deal. However, you also probably have some muscle memory in the tank from childhood gym classes.

Knowing how to throw a ball is a big component of softball. As is batting. All in all, pretty easy stuff. Oh, running in a half-circle is also a requirement. We trust you got that.


Basketball is easy to pickup. And, with a basketball court in basically every park in North America, it’s one of the most accessible sports on the planet.

You can also practice ball handling and shooting by yourself to prepare. You don’t need fancy lessons or anything like that.


Soccer fundamentals are easy to pick up once you learn how to control the ball with your feet. All you have to do is learn how to kick, pass, receive, and develop some ball control.

It’s also an accessible sport with lots of pickup games and leagues offered throughout the city.

If they can do it…

You can do it!

Soccer pick up games in Toronto are frequently posted on the OpenSports App and we are the most inviting and fun group!


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Sure, becoming the next Floyd Mayweather Jr. is kinda hard but heading to your local boxing gym and learning is super easy. Almost every gym in Toronto has some version of a boxing class. There are five basic punches and they are all very similar.


Pickleball is becoming increasingly popular across all age demographics. It’s a growing sport because you don’t have to be a great athlete to play.

Pickleball is a racquet sport. It’s basically the baby of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. If you’ve tired any of these sports, you are already ahead of the game. All you need is to learn is like ten terms.

Field Hockey

Like all hockey (there are really only two types of hockey), field hockey can get pretty physical and intense. A lot of basic tactics from other sports apply to field hockey so your skill set will be put to use, it’s not a brand new endeavor.

If you can play real hockey, and we all know you can because you get your Canadian card taken away if you can’t, you can play field hockey.


Unless you are planning to sail to the other side of the world, sailing is easy. Mastering the sport takes years but it’s pretty friendly to beginners.

Also, many current sailors are looking for crew members if you contact your local sailing association. We are going to get a sailing team together in the spring of 2017. Reach out to us if you want to join!

Interested in creating your own league or pickup group with a group at your skill level? Download OpenSports!