Ticket Sales Revenue on OpenSports vs. Meetup vs. EventBrite

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When organizing an event, choosing the right ticketing platform can significantly impact your revenue. In this comparison, we analyze the net revenue you'd retain from ticket sales on OpenSports, Meetup, and EventBrite.

The table below shows a simple comparison of what you, as an organizer, will make from every $5, $10, and $20 ticket you sell through these three apps.

How much your organization makes for every ticket you sell

$5 ticket$10 ticket$20 ticket
1. OpenSports$4.40$9.10$18.50
2. Meetup$4.15$8.80$18.10
3. EventBrite$2.88$7.22$15.90
  1. Data sourced from OpenSports on August 13, 2023.
  2. Data sourced from Meetup on August 13, 2023.
  3. Data sourced from from EventBrite on August 13, 2023.

Figures assume payments made with domestic credit cards and no currency exchange required. Note that Meetup and EventBrite may have additional processing charges.

OpenSports transactions are processed through Stripe, granting you full access to Stripe's comprehensive tools and reports.

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