What is the cost difference between OpenSports and MeetUp?

(Hint: ours are much better!)

OpenSports is FREE to use. There is no cost to organize a group or to organize events on OpenSports. Meetup charges monthly fees and they base pricing on the number of people in the group, regardless if they actually show up or not. We collect 5% + 30 cents per transaction through the platform. Your payout from collecting payment through OpenSports always makes you more money.

The table below shows a simple comparison of what you, as an organizer, will make from every $5, $10, and $25 ticket you sell through these three apps.

Sample Fee Breakdowns (In USD)

  • Meetup: On top of charging a monthly fee to be an organizer on Meetup, their transaction fee is 8% + $0.50.
  • Eventbrite: Although they advertise that there is a service fee of 1–3% +$0.99 per paid ticket, the fine print states that a payment processing of an additional 3% per ticket will apply.
  • OpenSports: Only a small transaction fee (5% + $0.30) is taken from the total amount a game organizer charges per ticket.
OpenSports vs. Everyone πŸ†

If you want to start collecting payment for your sports events, check out how to easily do so here!