What does the transaction fee of 5% + $0.30 per player mean?

Example: if you’re charging $10 USD per ticket

OpenSports uses a payment system called Stripe that is fully integrated with our platform (web + iOS and Android app) so you can seamlessly collect payments at a lower cost than other platforms that help you collect payment for your events.

Stripe receives 2.9% + $0.30 of each payment as a service fee to process the payment. OpenSports collects an additional 2.1% .

When users pay for your events through the app, OpenSports charges a 5% + $0.30 transaction processing fee for every payment you collect, to provide you with integrated features that make managing your games incredibly easy!

To learn more about collecting payment via OpenSports, read here, and to learn about why we chose Stripe as our payment processing platform because of their focus on security, read here!