What to do in Toronto in April 2017

April is special. Mostly because it’s kinda warm. It’s typically the first month in forever you can go outside without it being so cold, you just want to give up and go back to bed.

Toronto comes alive when it warms up. People start to come out of hibernation until Game of Thrones starts back up again. Patios open, you get to see what your friends look like without hats and coats on, you don’t freeze to death after waiting five minutes for the street car. On top of that, there’s lots of both really simple fun and unique activities in this city.

Here’s some neat stuff to do to fill up your April.

Pillow Fight Toronto 2017

Before you ask, yes. You can wear your pyjamas.

On April 1st, there’s gonna be a huge pillow fight in downtown Toronto. BUT! Soft, feather-free pillows only! We don’t want anyone getting hurt (actually, we have nothing to do with the logistics or planning of the event so not sure why we’re saying we).

You can get more information here.

To our knowledge, this is not an April Fools joke.

Spring sports

Time to go outside and play! It’s softball season.

You can’t hide your winter bod under a coat anymore, which is more motivation to go outside and play.

Outdoor sports are great, especially when it’s warm outside. The OpenSports app offers free and low-cost ($5 for two hours of indoor turf) sports throughout the city. There’s a wide range of sports including soccer and hockey as well as less traditional sports like underwater rugby and Gaelic football, if you aren’t into soccer, basketball, softball, or ball hockey thing. You can download the free app here.

It’s a really great way to met new people and get more active (Yes, I might have plagiarized that line from PBS).

Fameless Karaoke at the Gladstone Hotel

Get your Justin Bieber on. You can say sorry for butchering his songs afterwards. It won’t be too late because he lives in LA and there’s a time difference. Show Drake the musical talents you’ve acquired since you started wearing less and going out more.

Beginning on April 1st, Free (best word ever, right?) Fameless Karaoke returns to the Gladstone Hotel every Friday and Saturday from 10pm — 2am.

You can have glasses of champagne out on the dance floor. No idea why Drake thinks that’s such as issue.

Get all the deets here.

Food Tour (s)— Dundas West & Ossington and Kensington Krawl

Celebrate food!

Food tours are the next big spring thing (cuz we said so).

Enjoy the best from some of the yummiest establishments in both the Kensington Market and Dundas West and Ossington neighbourhoods. You’ll get to check out all the trendy restaurants and bars as well as the hidden gems.

The tours have already started and then continue on through May. You can purchase a ticket (it includes the food and drinks) here.


Watching Donald Trump speak and get sad as he tarnishes eight years of progress? Starting to feel all smart and political because of it? Black Code is an activist screening playing at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema at Bloor and Bathurst. The film explores how political activists use the internet to resist, mobilize and create change.

It’s showing all next month. You can check out screening times here.

We are all trudging through this winter — spring transition together, and we will get through it knowing that we have so so much to look forward to!

Make sure to check out our upcoming post, “Summer of Sports,” to find glorious amounts of opportunities to be active in the city this summer!

Your friends,

Kaylin and The OpenSports Team