Will I get notified when a spot on the waitlist opens up for me?

And what if I’m sleeping when a waitlist spot opens!?

When a spot on the waitlist opens for you, you will receive an email and a push notification from OpenSports, asking if you would like the available spot. It’s important to have your notifications turned on so that you can get notified immediately because your spot will only be held for max 2 hours. Read below about hold times…

How much time do I have to accept my spot on the waitlist?

  • When a spot on the waitlist opens up, the first player on the waitlist has two hours to click join! There is a two hour hold if the event is more than SIXTEEN hours in the future;
  • If the event is 16 hours to 1 hour away, there is a 30 minute hold;
  • If the event is less that 1 hour away, there is a 10 minute hold time.
  • If you do not respond, OpenSports will notify the next person on the waitlist, and you will no longer be able to click join (unless nobody on the waitlist joins).
  • If you didn’t respond, you can only join the waitlist again if nobody else on the waitlist responds yes.

What if someone drops out and a spot opens while I’m asleep!?

The waitlist “blackout” period is there from 10 pm to 9 am as long as the game starts in more than 16 hours. This means that if a spot on the waitlist opens for you at 10:01 pm, you will have until 9 am to respond, in case you fell asleep! If you do not respond by 9 am, the waitlist carries on as normal (the next person on the waitlist will be notified).

How do I view my position on the waitlist?

When you join the waitlist, OpenSports tells you if you are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., on the waitlist. Then, you can view your position on the waitlist via the My Events Tab (the calendar icon on the left, on the navigation bar). The Upcoming Events tab is further broken into Requested (i.e., if you’re on a waitlist, you can easily see where you are on the waitlist); Invited; and Upcoming (Going).

Other waitlist FAQ

1. Will I receive a notification of my Waitlist status?

Yes. When you are in position 1 and a space becomes available, the Waitlist functionality will notify you through email and app notification (NOTE: You will NOT be automatically enrolled into the game. You must still click Join).

2. Can I waitlist two spots together (i.e., me and a guest)?

You can’t specify in advance on the waitlist how many spots you want. If two people drop out of the game, you will be able to take both spots.

3. What if I am on the waitlist for a paid game? Do I have to pay in advance?

No. You pay when you join the event.

4. When does the Waitlist close/stop working?

The waitlist stops running when the game starts. This means that, if 10 minutes into a game, a player drops out, other players on the waitlist will not be notified.

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