League Organization Simplified

Join the movement of sports organizers offering an innovative mobile first experience for players, captains, and admins.

A look, feel, and experience that will make your players, captains and staff excited to engage with your club’s technology

League admins love

Easy set up, streamlined registration and scheduling, and automatic league management on a smooth, modern interface.

Captains love

Built-in messenger for 1:1 or team communication, and no need to constantly remind teammates about payments, upcoming games, and standings.

Players love

Ease of registering, joining a captains’ team or being assigned to a team as a free agent, communicating, and getting on the pitch!

The only all-in-one solution that allows you to manage everything from leagues to pickup events

Finally! Pickups, leagues, tournaments, and memberships can live together in one place, allowing your players easy access to all of your offerings. The opportunities for you to cross-promote multiple types of programming and make data driven decisions are endless.

  • Easy administrative toggling between league, tournament, and pickup programming
  • All of your players, all in one system
  • Grow your league base by inviting pickup players to leagues as free agents
  • Use extra permit time and create more unique options to play, like tournaments on weekends, and pickup games in the mornings!

Our time saving round robin scheduler tool allows you to create an entire league schedule in minutes

OpenSports automatically randomizes the matches for you, and spaces them out according to the divisions, number of teams in the league, and constraints around match length, time between matches and facility availability. Edit tools and integrations allow you to further massage the schedule to your liking!

  • Matches are randomized and all spaced out according to parameters you input
  • OpenSports automatically creates byes or lets you do it manually
  • Detects and alerts you about conflicts for the teams for the match and the locations for the match
  • Schedule and match editing tools for all of the changes a league organizer needs to make!
  • Coming soon: For larger leagues, we will have integrations with Zapier to allow you to make edits to your spreadsheet so that schedule updates can easily flow through to OpenSports

This level of automation and efficiency saves you administrative hours every single day

When it comes to automation and intelligence, OpenSports is in a league of its own. Tap a few buttons, and entire league schedules are randomized and created! As soon as scores are reported, standings are magically updated, and playoff/tournament bracket creation can be easily generated!

Registration management

Sign up teams and players and collect registration fees. Add customizable registration questions to collect all the info you need.

Scheduling and repeat games

Randomize the pools with one tap. For quick and easy game scheduling, select “repeating” time blocks and instantly have all of your matches created.

Robust notifications system

OpenSports automatically sends game reminder push notifications with an RSVP option that even allows players to accept a custom COVID-health check. Schedule related cancellations and changes are pushed out to players instantly through notifications and emails.

Standings and playoff advancement

Standings automatically update in real time as scores are reported. OpenSports auto-advances winning teams to the next round and all participants can view the live updating bracket.

Flexible registration and payment options

Set up an unlimited amount of registration types from a variety of settings such as pay in per team vs. per player fees, and custom registration dates. OpenSports makes registration and payment a breeze for admins, captains, and players.

  • Split payment or pay in full

    Give captains the option to pay in full or split the payment amongst teammates through the system
  • Set up an unlimited amount of ticket types

    Have a preseason fee, regular season fee, midway season fee. Add new ticket types anytime during the season.
  • Welcome free agents

    Create free agent tickets so players without a captain/team can register and be assigned to a team by a league admin
  • Team filler tool

    League admins easily assign free agents to teams that don’t have a full roster
  • Fully integrated streamlined payment collection

    Customers can easily pay for registration using all major credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account through our payment gateway, Stripe

Embed leagues on your website

Allow players who visit your website to view and register for upcoming leagues! Simply copy and paste our embed code and display your leagues right there.

  • Website widget not only lists all of your upcoming leagues, but also allows players to register online
  • Choose from various ways to display upcoming leagues: list view, calendar view, or break down the view by sport or facility
  • Themable website embed options to make embedding leagues and events in your website match your desired design or theme
  • Upcoming: Embed our schedule, score, and standings widgets into your league website

Since switching over to OpenSports, management has become so easy, members are happy with the fairness and automation that’s built in, and collecting payments has become a breeze.

Pittsburgh Badminton

Group Admin

Understanding the depth of your needs is a core part of our process

Over and over… and over again, we are praised for our remarkable customer service, because we are so committed to working with group leaders/sports organizers. Most of our best ideas have come from groups on OpenSports because we listen, and we listen well. Let’s continue to build the platform of your dreams together!

  • Our founding team works closely with our customers. We are very receptive to feedback
  • Have a niche request? OpenSports will work with you to develop features you need
  • API Integrations allow us to migrate player information
  • We are online almost 24/7 ready to assist you and your players
  • We are constantly touted as having unbelievable customer service. We really put our clients first!