All about Notifications: Email vs. App; Default notifications; How to change notifications settings

Email vs. App; Default notifications; How to change notifications settings

Default Notification Settings

By default, when someone creates an OpenSports account, they are subscribed to all of the OpenSports notifications (push notifications and/or email notifications), including:

  • Event invites (if your group sends invites to events)
  • Event reminders 24h before an event
  • Waitlist notification if a spot opens and you’re on the waitlist
  • Event chat & Direct messages: if a chat is active, an email will get sent every 15 mins with a summary of the messages that were sent over the last 15 mins
  • Event changes and cancellations — the event admin can select if they want attendees to get notified of the changes
  • Group invites
  • Group announcements from all the groups you’re a part of
  • League announcements from all the leagues & tournaments you’re a part of
  • Team roster changes
  • Match changes & results
  • Staff updates: receive notification when you are added or removed from a match/event as a staff member

How members should expect to receive their notifications:

  • If they have the App with push notifications from OpenSports enabled: they will receive push notifications to their phone. Note: They have to have push notifications from OpenSports turned on in their phone’s settings
  • If they have the App but push notifications from OpenSports turned off: notifications will go to email
  • If they have a web account: notifications will go to email*

*The one caveat with email is if someone creates an OpenSports account with a Facebook login, depending on their permissions in Facebook, they may not have an email address attached to their OpenSports account.

How to change notification settings

OpenSports users can customize their notification settings on the web and the app.

Go to Notification Settings, or:

  1. Click on your profile picture (or the circle with your initials)
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Click Edit Profile
  4. Click Notification Settings
  5. Edit how you would like to receive each type of notification

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