How to edit your group information

This guide will show you how to easily update your group name, location, sport(s), privacy settings, and description. To make edits to your group info, you must be set as a Group Admin. Read about how to assign admin roles here.

How to edit your group information

  1. Navigate to your group's home page on the OpenSports website.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. You will see the same form you filled out when first creating your OpenSports group. Make changes to any section of the form, including:
    • Group photo
    • Group name
    • Privacy settings
    • Group description
    • Group location
    • Group sport(s)
    • Support contact for your group
    • Group phone number
  4. When you are ready to update your group information, click Save.

How to delete your group

If you would like to delete your OpenSports group, please message our support team:

Questions? Send them our way:

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