Meetup for Sports: How to Create and Join Pickup Sports and Fitness Groups ⚽🏃🏻‍

Post events, invite all your regulars in one click, collect payment, and promote your events to other locals looking for events

We have just launched the best version of OpenSports to date! 🏆

Any sports or fitness group, large or small, including pickup soccer, volleyball, basketball, shinny, yoga, hiking, running, etc., can create a group on the OpenSports website for a better way to post games, invite all the regulars in one click, invite more players from the broader OpenSports community of players, see who is coming, communicate with everyone, and collect money!

As a player, you can search for local groups to join, or you can create a group for your pickup sports family. Group pages show upcoming games, recent reviews, members, and allow group admins (and members, depending on privacy settings) to post games.

Create a Group

To create a group, go to the OpenSports website (, scroll to the area that says “Your Group, Your Rules” and type in a group name to get started. Groups can be created on the OpenSports website, and the mobile app through the Groups tab in your Player Profile section.

Enter the information in the fields provided. If you make the group public, anyone will be able to join, and public games that are posted in the group become visible on the OpenSports game page. If the group is private (invite-only), the group administrator(s) must invite players, and the games will not show up on the OpenSports game page. If you create a group, you will automatically become the group administrator. Keep in mind that private groups are invite-only and are invisible to non-members.

Often times, organizers have email lists of people who regularly come to games. Once you fill in the basic information about your group, you can send friends/teammates an invite to your group. They don’t even have to download the app to join your group. But they will still receive all relevant notifications through emails. More about this below!

Group Features

Members Tab: The Members section displays a full list of the group’s members, and their status as an Administrator or a player. The Group Administrator can remove members or make them Administrators as well.

Members: Group members are split into those that joined, and those that were invited (haven’t joined yet).

Home Tab: The Next Game section shows an Activity Feed for upcoming games. The Group Leaderboard shows a ranked list of group members, sorted by the most games played (of games that have been posted in the group). The Reviews section shows players’ reviews of games that have been posted within the group. There is no group message board for you to openly chat and plan events, yet.

Invite Tab: You can invite active, local OpenSports users to join your group, or invite your friends using their e-mail addresses (see images below). If you have a public group and you select the setting “members can invite others”, your group members will also be able to invite others to join your group.

Invite local OpenSports users to your group using this very handy drop down list of active players who play your sport, or invite friends by their email address!

Group Invites — Don’t want to use e-mail addresses? No matter how you normally communicate with your game regulars — through Whatsapp, Facebook chat, e-mail, or texts, you can easily send invites to your friends to your group. Just copy the group URL and send it to them, so that they can join! See this URL of my Toronto pickup soccer group for an example!

Create a Game: Post a new game and Invite everyone from the group, as well as players from the drop down list of local players who play your sport!

Depending on your group’s settings, all members can create games within the group, or just the administrator(s) can. Games posted in public groups will be shared to the OpenSports public games feed. If you want more control over these kinds of posts, select “require approval to join” so that you can still control the flow of people accepting your game.

Games: See past games and who’s gone. View photos and scores from those games.

Editing your Group

Group Administrators can edit their group info by clicking the Edit button. Options include the ability to change the Group’s name, location, sport, and description. A group admin can delete a group by clicking the Delete Group button at the bottom of the page. Administrators can change the cover photo and profile photo by clicking on the current photo.

Custom Waivers!!

We have finally added support for waivers! Under the settings tab of your group, you can paste the text of your sports groups’ waiver.

How does this work? Basically, by uploading your waiver into your group, when someone joins your game (that you posted within your group), they must check an “Accept and Join” box before they can join your game. That way, you know that any new participant that joins your game has signed off! If ever waivers are updated, participants will have to accept the new waiver before joining any more games.

If a player — lets say “Alex” — accepts your waiver once, she will not be prompted to again for future games, unless you edit your waiver.

Waiver that popped up when I went to join a game that was posted within “Toronto Pickup Soccer Group”. Now that I have accepted the waiver once, I will not have to for subsequent games that I join from that group.

Note: If your game setting is that a player can bring guests, then only the player who joined through the app (who has signed the waiver).

Why should players join groups?

As a players who is part of a group, you receive invites to every game posted in the group! Players never miss out on events going on within groups they love, and are the first to know about them!

Where are groups listed?

Find a new group

To find a public group to join, go to the OpenSports app, go to the players section (second icon in the app), and tap on the groups tab (Note: private groups can only be seen through invites from the group administrator).

See which groups you are in

On the website

Click on your user icon at the top right corner, and click on “Profile” in the drop down menu. Scroll down past the list of events you host (if you are a game organizer) and you’ll see a list of the groups you’re in!

On the app

To access groups that you own or that you have joined, just go to your player profile (last icon in the app) and scroll down to see your groups.

Your Feedback is so, so Important

As we roll out this new functionality over the next few months, we hope you’ll give us your honest feedback.

The new look’s live right now. Check it out and send us your feedback at

❤ Your friends, Alicia and the OpenSports team

Other groups related FAQ:

  1. Do I get a notification anytime someone joins my group?

No. We did not want to overwhelm group administrators with notifications about players joining their group.

2. I don’t want to send game invites to everyone in my group. How can I just invite a smaller number of players from my group, to games?

We are making this process much easier! When you send invites to your game, you can either “Select all” to invite your entire group in one click, or you can select a few of the players within the group.

3. I sent invites to friends within the app, to join my group. Why won’t they join?

If you need extra assistance bringing your players into your group, let us know and we can help automate the process! Email and I’ll set ya up!