Players: How to view your membership details on the Web and App

If you have a membership to a sports/activity group on OpenSports, here’s how you can view information like number of games redeemed


View your memberships by going to your Player Profile > Click on the Settings gear > Click on Memberships. From here, you will be able to view all of your memberships > Click on a membership to view details such as how many games you’ve redeemed (under “Activities”); or billing cycles for auto-renew memberships (under “Transactions”).

In order to view your memberships on the OpenSports app (iOS and Android), Go to you player profile > click on the Settings gear > Click on Memberships > You can see an overview of all of your memberships > Click on one of your memberships to view a breakdown of membership details, transactions, and activities (events attended under that membership).


From your OpenSports Profile, click on the Memberships tab in order to view the memberships you have purchased, transaction history, billing cycles, and how many games you have redeemed under each membership.

View how many games you have redeemed under your membership

Click on your membership card in order to see your Transaction history for that membership, and to view the Events you have played in under that membership!

Notice in the above screen shot that the “Order Totals” say $0. This is because the “10-pass for $98” membership entitles the player to 100% off 10 events, meaning an 100% discount applied when the player joined the events.

Under the “Usage” row, you can view how many discounts you have left under that membership 👇

Players, if you are looking for a guide on how to cancel your membership contract renewal, read here.

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