Tired of Playing with Yourself? Create Teams on OpenSports

Create Teams Before Your Game, Arrive at the Field, and Play!

Whether you’re an avid organizer or you casually create pick-up games on OpenSports, it is easy to create teams within your games, so users can sign up to specific teams (and know what colour jerseys to bring too).

My Game is All Set Up.

Once your game details are filled in, scroll down to the box that says ‘Specify Position, Team, or Price’ and check it. This will open a new “Team/Position” field that asks for your team details.

Go ahead, try it out. Don’t be shy.

Now What?

You can start entering the details for your first team by typing in the different boxes. For example, under Team/Position you could specify the team jersey colour or team name. Then continue this for the number of spots available on your first team and the price per member of that team.

That’s it, now you’re getting it!

Okay Cool, But I Want More Than One Team!

No problem, just click ‘Add’ and you can create a second (or third or fourth…) team and fill in the specifications. (You can also use ‘Add’ to specify positions like goalie or other specialty positions that wouldn’t be included in the regular teams or that may have different prices).

Look at you, you’re a pro now!

I Did Everything You Said …

Congratulations👏🎉 You now know how to create teams within a game on OpenSports!

I hope this tutorial helped you out. Be sure to check out our other tutorials on OpenSports.

Both Jakes are happy to help you out if you ever need assistance with know-how on OpenSports (email him here: jake@opensports.net)