User dashboard: Easily find registration information for your group members

It’s never been easier to search for the events a player has attended, and quickly complete administrative tasks like sending refunds!

The new OpenSports user dashboard makes looking up user information so much easier and means you get to spend way less time sifting through all the data in the reports section, to find event and payment information for each player.

Anytime a player asks you information pertaining to an upcoming or a past event (let’s say they request a partial refund), and you want to quickly pull up event specific/payment specific information, this tool is your new life saver!

How to search for users in your group (web only)

From the top navigation bar, tap on the Search icon:

Type in the name of the player you would like to search for and click search. The autocomplete system will find all players in your group(s) with that string of letters in their first name or last name.

Once you click on their name, you get an overview of all events they have attended (within the group(s) you are an admin of).

Some tools available

View Order → Clicking on the View Order button will pull up the registration/payment details for the players’ order. From this window, you can actually send players full refunds or partial refunds for their order.

Search by event name → Do you know that the event you are looking for contains the word “Friday” in it? Just type in Friday and filter in the events with that keyword!

Filter by Groups → Do you run more than one group on OpenSports, and is the user a member of more than one group? Easily filter in the group that you are looking for!

Type of account → You can see if the user has a Facebook account, Email account, or Apple account. This relates to when they created an account on OpenSports, if they signed up through their email address, fb account, or apple ID.

You can also view if they have a web account, an app account, or both. This information can help you understand if they’re receiving their notifications through email (if they have a web account only) or push notifications (if they have an app account).

Group & Membership tabs → A user may be a member of multiple groups on OpenSports, but you can only view a list of the groups that you are an admin of. You can also view which memberships they have purchased from within your group(s).